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25 May 2022
People in India fleeing disasters like drought more likely to have experienced trafficking or modern slavery than those fleeing floods or cyclones
18 May 2022
Rural households led by women are spending to reduce risks from flooding, storms; average for all households is up to 15% of their total expenditure
16 May 2022
Reacting to the publication of the UK’s new International Development Strategy (IDS), IIED director Andrew Norton said: "It’s frustrating that at a time of huge uncertainty in the world, with soaring food prices, conflict in Ukraine and the climate crisis, the UK government shows no urgency in returning its aid spending to 0.7% of GDP."
27 April 2022
Using timber, not steel and concrete, could achieve net negative carbon emissions in the African construction sector by 2050
20 April 2022
Debt levels are likely to deepen as Ukraine conflict hits energy and food price; climate and nature debt relief initiative is urgently needed
9 March 2022
Fraction of climate adaptation finance from OECD countries supports biodiversity despite poorest nations prioritising nature
28 February 2022
Reacting to the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, IIED director Andrew Norton said: "This report illustrates the need for urgent action and brings into sharp focus the injustice of climate change."
17 February 2022
Debt stocks in 40 sub-Saharan African countries increased by a third early in the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new analysis by IIED, leaving countries vulnerable to climate change and nature loss unable to address these crises
16 February 2022
Areas include national parks in at least eight African countries, among them the Serengeti
24 January 2022
Reacting to the speech by COP26 President Alok Sharma looking to the end of the UK's COP Presidency, IIED director Andrew Norton said: “This welcome speech demonstrates that Mr. Sharma understands that the work needed to address climate change and halt global warming did not end with the conclusion of the COP summit in Glasgow. Despite huge distractions, global attention needs to remain focused on putting words into action."
15 December 2021
Gender, climate, care, water, inequality must be addressed to build back better
13 November 2021
Reacting to the outcome of COP26 on the basis of the presidency text, IIED director Andrew Norton said: "With this agreement, climate justice has been partly served. The possibility of limiting global warming to 1.5°C remains alive with the request for countries to further increase ambition in 2022, and with it the chance to save millions of people from the worst impacts of climate change."
10 November 2021
Reacting to the first draft of the COP26 agreement, IIED director Andrew Norton said: “The recognition that developing countries are sinking deeper and deeper into debt to cope with the impacts of climate change is welcome as well as the need for more finance to be grants, not loans.
8 November 2021
Reacting to announcements of more funding for lower-income countries to adapt to climate change, as well as endorsements of the principles for locally-led adaptation, Clare Shakya, director of IIED's Climate Change research group said: “Every pledge that brings us closer to providing US$100bn in climate finance every year for poorer countries is welcome.
3 November 2021
• Economies in danger of debt distress • Need for debt restructuring or grant based climate budget support
1 November 2021
Reacting to the UK Prime Minster Boris Johnson’s opening address at the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow, IIED director Andrew Norton said: “It was heartening to hear the prime minister lay bare the peril the world faces from climate change and take it seriously, including the need to keep global warming to 1.5°C."
27 October 2021
Reacting to the spending review announced by UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak, IIED director Andrew Norton said: “The chancellor has failed to reassure the international community that he is not planning to effectively make further cuts to UK overseas aid by classifying almost a third of any allocation of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) from the IMF as part of the aid budget."
26 October 2021
Reacting to the latest UNEP Emissions Gap Report, IIED director Andrew Norton said: “The latest Emissions Gap report makes for grim reading and needs to focus the attention of world leaders ahead of COP26 next week."
26 October 2021
More than two thirds of households blame drought, floods, heatwaves and hailstorms
25 October 2021
Reacting to the announcement of a delivery plan for $100bn in climate finance, IIED director Andrew Norton said: “Today, wealthy countries have gone a long way to fulfil their promise of delivering $100bn in climate finance to the world’s most climate-vulnerable countries – finally putting words into action.
25 October 2021
Reacting to the announcement by Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon of a £6m climate justice fund, including finance to address loss and damage faced by people in lower-income countries, IIED senior fellow Simon Anderson said: “Recognition that land, livelihoods and lives everywhere, but especially in lower-income and climate-vulnerable countries, are already being lost to the effects of climate change, is extremely welcome and a demonstration of Scotland’s emphasis on climate justice"
22 October 2021
Relocating cities, building storm shelters and evacuation plans among measures needed
20 October 2021
Action needed to rebuild trust among delegates and regain momentum on climate change
7 October 2021
Innovative financing could tackle triple crisis
20 September 2021
New evidence from northern Ghana and the Sundarbans outlines critical link