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Andrew Norton


Director of @IIED. Poverty, human rights, climate action, global social change, politics and development and some random stuff
Achala C Abeysinghe

Principal researcher, Climate Change; team leader, global climate change governance

Team leader of global climate law, policy and governance at IIED. Legal Advisor to the LDC Group Chair in the UNFCCC. Environmental lawyer.
Simon Anderson

Senior fellow, Climate Change

Father, learner and 'rough-edged' researcher on climate change
Diane Archer

Senior researcher, Human Settlements; team leader, cities and climate change

Researcher working on urban climate change resilience. Tweeting in a personal capacity.
Subhi Barakat

Senior researcher, Climate Change

International lawyer. Advocate for dignity and justice. Amateur philosopher. Retweets not necessarily endorsements
Mick Blowfield

Director, Shaping Sustainable Markets

Director of IIED's Shaping Sustainable Markets research group.
Anna Bolin

Researcher, Natural Resources

Community forest management & forest tenure systems; role of forest & farm organisations/networks; REDD+ negotiations. Particular experience in Africa & SE Asia
Francesca Booker

Researcher, Natural Resources 

Researcher in climate, conservation & development. @IIED Researcher.
Liz Carlile

Director of Communications

Currently director of communications @IIED. Research comms and strategic mar comms is my thing. Tweets/views my own
Sarah Colenbrander

Researcher, Human Settlements Group

Environmental economist without borders. Working on climate change, development and cities with IIED
Teresa Corcoran

Communications content officer, Communications

Develops, writes and edits a range of print and digital content from blogs to backgrounders, web pages to policy briefings.
Lorenzo Cotula

Principal researcher (law and sustainable development), Natural Resources; team leader, legal tools

Researcher @IIED. Law & sustainable development, human rights, land grabbing & rights, investment law. Legal Tools for Citizen Empowerment
Stefano D'Errico

Monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning manager, Strategy and Learning Group

Monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) systems, theories of change, budgeting, capacity building and donor liaison
David Dodman

Director, Human Settlements

At work (@IIED): urbanisation, development, environment. Not at work: West Indies cricket, the Beatles, and family. Tweets in personal capacity.
Susannah Fisher

Senior researcher, Climate Change

Researcher on climate change, development, adaptation M&E, political economy. Climate Change Group @IIED but tweeting in personal capacity.
Jodie Frosdick

Production manager, Communications 

Production manager @IIED. Passionate about environmental issues, science communication, books and travelling (also, sleep). Views my own.
Rosalind Goodrich

Head of research communications, Communications

Communications specialist @IIED, interested in comms for policy and development, particularly around biodiversity and natural capital.
Clair Grant-Salmon

Head of audience development, Communications

A busy, working mum based in E17. Interested in international development, innovative comms & marketing, running, books and holidays. And the odd glass of wine.
Kate Green

Managing editor, Communications (maternity leave)

Writer and editor on sustainable development with @IIED, design enthusiast, cyclist, feminist, all views my own...
Beth Herzfeld

Head of media, Communications

Head of media at IIED - tweeting for fun and a bit for work. My own opinions...
Saleemul Huq

Senior fellow, Climate Change

Director, @ICCCAD and senior fellow @IIED. Work on adaptation to climate change. Views presented are my own.
Nanki Kaur

Principal researcher, Climate Change

Climate change adaptation and financing; institutional dimensions of natural resource governance; pro-poor development
Natalie Lartey

Communications and advocacy officer, Communications

Works for @IIED on sustainable diets, ex-@concern and ex-@greenpeace. Shares views on all sorts of things.
Duncan Macqueen

Principal researcher, Natural Resources

Duncan Macqueen works with IIED's forest team on investing in locally controlled forestry. Supports Partick Thistle FC
Celie Manuel

Monitoring and evaluation, gender and learning advisor, Strategy and Learning Group

James Mayers

Director, Natural Resources

Natural Resources Group Head @IIED. Forests, rights, enterprise, climate, local power
Diana Mitlin

Principal researcher, Human Settlements

urban poverty, urban inequality, urban development , urban social movements. University of Manchester and International Institute for Environ. and Dev.
Essam Yassin Mohammed

Senior researcher (environmental economics), Shaping Sustainable Markets

Interested in a wide range of disciplines - fisheries science, environmental and behavioural economics, Blue/Green economy. Opinions expressed are mine alone
William Monteith

Researcher, Human Settlements

Researcher @IIED and @developmentuea working on urban poverty and kinship
Isilda Nhantumbo

Senior researcher, Natural Resources; team leader, forests

Expert in forestry, REDD+, forestry economics, natural resources management and policy analysis
Ina Porras

Senior researcher (environmental economics), Shaping Sustainable Markets

Senior researcher (environmental economics), in @IIED's Sustainable Markets Group
Tanya Rahman

Head of business development 

Neha Rai

Senior researcher, Climate Change (maternity leave)

Specialising in public policy analysis, urban and regional planning, climate finance and governance. Also studying the political economy of climate adaptation
Dilys Roe

Principal researcher and team leader (biodiversity), Natural Resources

Work for IIED (@IIED) researching links between biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation
David Satterthwaite

Senior fellow, Human Settlements; team leader, urban poverty and local organisations

Urban researcher @IIED; Editor, Environment & Urbanization, Visiting Professor, University College London
Anne Schulthess

Marketing manager, Communications

Marketing @IIED, sarcastic, mom, environmentalist, feminist, cyclist. Not necessarily in that order.
Clare Shakya

Director, Climate Change

Climate change director at IIED. Good ideas & powerful stories to achieve change; politics of climate change, getting climate finance to work
Dave Steinbach

Researcher, Climate Change

Researcher at IIED. Interests: international development, adaptation, forestry, climate finance, natural resource management, conservation
Janna Tenzing

Researcher, Climate Change

Researcher at the International Institute for Environment and Development (@IIED), supporting the Least Developed Countries in the UN climate talks
Camilla Toulmin

Senior fellow, Climate Change

Senior fellow @IIED, author of Africa and Climate Change. Was rural economist in Mali. Food security, green economy, building resilient livelihoods
Geraldine Warren

Coordinator (forest team), Natural Resources (maternity leave)

About Me: Loving My Better Half, 7 Siblings, Sustainable Development Job, Part-time MSc, Coffee, Naive Optimism & Butterflies. Passionate about Equality.
Fitsum Weldegiorgis

Senior researcher, Shaping Sustainable Markets

Senior researcher, International Institute for Environment and Development @IIED Tweets on Human Development, society, Economics Mining, Eritrea, Africa
Xiaoxue Weng

Researcher, Natural Resources

#China Researcher @IIED, #ChinaAfrica, #Sustainable_Development #informalsector
Matt Wright

Web planning and content manager, Communications

Digital stuff @IIED | Planning and implementing online/digital communications strategies, focusing on website platforms and social media networks