International fellows

Our International Fellowship scheme seeks to further strengthen the ways in which IIED works as an international organisation. The International Fellowship is an opportunity to publicly recognise the contribution made by a small number of people around the world with whom we have been working, or with whom we plan to work. This award is by invitation only.

We hope that the International Fellowship awards will also offer an opportunity to develop a more sustained and systematic relationship with the institute and our research groups in future. We would hope to host fellows at IIED for short periods in order to create the conditions for new ideas and activities to flourish, within a framework of mutual learning and respect.

International fellow (Climate Change research group)

Daoud has been an independent consultant on pastoral development since 2006. Before this he acted as pastoralist advisor to IDS, DFID and UNOCHA. He is also a founding member of the Kenya Pastoralist Forum and chair of the Pastoralist Thematic Group. Daoud works primarily with the Climate Change Group at more

International fellow (Climate Change research group)

Cynthia Brenda Awuor works as an advisor on community-based adaptation to Climate Change for CARE's Adaptation Learning Programme in Africa. Her areas of interest are climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation in Africa. Cynthia works primarily with the Climate Change research group at more

International fellow (Communications)

Chris Busiinge is currently the head of the Information Unit at Kabarole Research and Resource Centre (KRC). He is a graduate in Environmental Management from Makerere University and has an MA in Ethics and Development studies from Uganda Martyrs’ University in Uganda. His thesis was on the social and economic impact of donor aided projects. He has seven years of work experience in Peace Building and Governance with Kabarole Research and Resource Centre and is currently heading the Information more

International fellow (Human Settlements group)

Jorgelina Hardoy has a degree in geography from the University of Buenos Aires and an MA from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. A senior researcher and project coordinator at IIED — America Latina, her work focuses on developing multi-stakeholder processes to improve environmental conditions and reduce social vulnerability and risk in low-income neighborhoods, including those related to climate more

International fellow (Natural Resources group)

Yarri is an economist and international development specialist and her areas of expertise include small and medium enterprises, private sector development and non-timber forest products. Yarri works primarily with the Natural Resources research group at more

International fellow (Climate Change research group)

Fawad Khan works on the evaluation of adaptation effectiveness, the economics of adaptation strategies, community-based local adaptation planning, and exploring factors contributing to resilience.  His areas of expertise are the economics of climate change in South and South East Asia, community based adaptation, and monitoring and more

International fellow (Governance)

Professor Virgilio Viana is one of Brazil’s leading experts on forestry, environment and sustainable development. He served as Brazil’s Secretary of State for Environment and Sustainable Development from 2003-2008 and is currently the Director General of the Amazonas Sustainability Foundation (FAS), an organization charged with the challenge of implementing the Bolsa Floresta Program, as well as providing the institutional framework to market environmental services of Amazonas’ forests. He is Professor of Forest Sciences at the University of Agriculture, Luiz Queiroz (on leave) more