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Climate Change research group

Collaborating with partners to address the challenges of climate change, leading the way on policy, adaptation and resilience

Simon Addison's picture

Simon Addison

Principal researcher, Climate Change; team leader, public policy for climate resilient development

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Fernanda Alcobé

Researcher, Climate Change

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Illari Aragon

Senior researcher, Climate Change 

Jonathan Barnes's picture

Jonathan Barnes

Researcher, Climate Change

Sam Barrett's picture

Sam Barrett

Researcher (climate adaptation), Climate Change

Ritu Bharadwaj's picture

Ritu Bharadwaj

Principal researcher (climate governance and finance team), Climate Change

Anna Bishop's picture

Anna Bishop

Assistant project coordinator, Climate Change

Anna Carthy's picture

Anna Carthy

Researcher, Climate Change

Brianna Craft's picture

Brianna Craft

Senior researcher, Climate Change

Florence Crick's picture

Florence Crick

Senior researcher, Climate Change 

Martin Cummins's picture

Martin Cummins

Project manager, Climate Change

Fatou Diabate's picture

Fatou Diabate

Researcher (global climate law, policy and governance team), Climate Change

Siân Fedeski's picture

Siân Fedeski

Coordinator, Climate Change

Clara Gallagher's picture

Clara Gallagher

Researcher, Climate Change (governance and finance)

Binyam Yakob Gebreyes's picture

Binyam Yakob Gebreyes

Senior researcher, Climate Change

Sam Greene's picture

Sam Greene

Senior researcher, Climate Change

Mette Groen's picture

Mette Groen

Senior project manager, Climate Change

Elaine Harty's picture

Elaine Harty

Senior project manager, Climate Change

Beth Henriette's picture

Beth Henriette

Programme manager, Climate Change

Ced Hesse's picture

Ced Hesse

Senior fellow, Climate Change; team leader, climate resilience, productivity and equity in the drylands

Laura Jenks's picture

Laura Jenks

Senior project manager, Climate Change

Tracy Kajumba's picture

Tracy Kajumba

Principal researcher, Climate Change; team leader, strengthening partnerships 

Valentine Lecluse's picture

Valentine Lecluse

Senior project manager, Climate Change

Sarah McIvor's picture

Sarah McIvor

Senior researcher, Climate Change

Camilla More's picture

Camilla More

Researcher, Climate Change

Lilian Motaroki's picture

Lilian Motaroki

Researcher, Climate Change

Annet Nakyeyune's picture

Annet Nakyeyune

Researcher, Climate Change

Nora Nisi's picture

Nora Nisi

Researcher, Climate Change

Helen O'Connor's picture

Helen O'Connor

Principal researcher, Climate Change (climate finance)

Sejal Patel's picture

Sejal Patel

Researcher, Shaping Sustainable Markets and Climate Change

Karen Wong Pérez's picture

Karen Wong Pérez

Senior researcher, Climate Change research group, Strengthening partnerships

David Pertaub's picture

David Pertaub

Researcher, Climate Change

Bénédicte Piton's picture

Bénédicte Piton

Senior coordinator, Climate Change

Fiona Roberts's picture

Fiona Roberts

Programme manager, Climate Change (finance and governance)

Teresa Sarroca's picture

Teresa Sarroca

Project manager, Climate Change

Anna Schulz's picture

Anna Schulz

Head of global climate law policy and governance programme, Climate Change

Mia Sejirmanova

Project coordinator, Green Economy Coalition

Larissa Setaro's picture

Larissa Setaro

Senior coordinator, Climate Change

Clare Shakya's picture

Clare Shakya

Director, Climate Change

Katherine Shepherd's picture

Katherine Shepherd

Coordinator, Climate Change

Sophie Shoults's picture

Sophie Shoults

Assistant coordinator, Climate Change

May Thazin Aung's picture

May Thazin Aung

Researcher, climate change

Marika Weinhardt's picture

Marika Weinhardt

Programme manager, Climate Change

Morgan Williams's picture

Morgan Williams

Programme manager, Climate Change

Lina Yassin's picture

Lina Yassin

Researcher, Climate Change


Human Settlements research group

Our expertise means we address urban environmental issues at all levels – with local grassroots partners, with colleagues in the international research community and globally, to influence the sustainable development agenda.

Aditya Bahadur's picture

Aditya Bahadur

Principal researcher, Human Settlements

Camila Cociña's picture

Camila Cociña

Researcher (housing justice), Human Settlements

Deena Dajani's picture

Deena Dajani

Researcher, Human Settlements

Lucy Earle's picture

Lucy Earle

Director (interim), Human Settlements

Alexandre Apsan Frediani's picture

Alexandre Apsan Frediani

Principal researcher, Human Settlements

Morgan Jennings's picture

Morgan Jennings

Assistant coordinator, Human Settlements group

Tucker Landesman's picture

Tucker Landesman

Researcher, Human Settlements

Boel McAteer's picture

Boel McAteer

Researcher, Human Settlements

Jenny Peebles's picture

Jenny Peebles

Managing editor, Environment & Urbanization, Human Settlements

Nicola Sorsby's picture

Nicola Sorsby

Coordinator, Human Settlements

Jessica Stewart's picture

Jessica Stewart

Senior coordinator, Human Settlements

Sarah Tucker's picture

Sarah Tucker

Coordinator, Human Settlements

Anna Walnycki's picture

Anna Walnycki

Principal researcher, Human Settlements


Natural Resources research group

Working with partners to build capacity and shape policy for the fair and sustainable use of natural resources

Francesca Booker's picture

Francesca Booker

Researcher (biodiversity), Natural Resources 

Alasdair Brown's picture

Alasdair Brown

Assistant coordinator, Natural Resources

Lila Buckley's picture

Lila Buckley

Senior researcher, Natural Resources

Lorenzo Cotula's picture

Lorenzo Cotula

Principal researcher and head of law, economies and justice programme, Natural Resources research group

Jérémy Davis's picture

Jérémy Davis

Senior communications coordinator, Natural Resources

Beth Downe's picture

Beth Downe

Programme manager, Natural Resources

Phil Franks's picture

Phil Franks

Principal researcher (biodiversity), Natural Resources

Lucie Fry's picture

Lucie Fry

Senior coordinator, Natural Resources

Helen Hekel's picture

Helen Hekel

Coordinator, Natural Resources (legal tools team)

Rachel Hoffmann's picture

Rachel Hoffmann

Technical officer, IUCN Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group, Natural Resources

Ebony Holland's picture

Ebony Holland

Senior researcher (nature-climate policy lead), Natural Resources/Climate Change

Xiaoting Hou Jones's picture

Xiaoting Hou Jones

Senior researcher (biodiversity), Natural Resources

Nathaniah Jacobs's picture

Nathaniah Jacobs

Senior researcher, Natural Resources

Ali Logan-Pang's picture

Ali Logan-Pang

Senior coordinator, Natural Resources

Duncan Macqueen's picture

Duncan Macqueen

Principal researcher and leader (forests), Natural Resources

James Mayers's picture

James Mayers

Director, Natural Resources

Rose Mosi's picture

Rose Mosi

Senior researcher, Natural Resources

Isabela Núñez del Prado Nieto's picture

Isabela Núñez del Prado Nieto

Researcher (forest finance), Natural Resources

Emily Polack's picture

Emily Polack

Senior researcher, Natural Resources 

Dilys Roe's picture

Dilys Roe

Principal researcher and team leader (biodiversity), Natural Resources

Amaelle Seigneret's picture

Amaelle Seigneret

Researcher (legal tools), Natural Resources

Krystyna Swiderska's picture

Krystyna Swiderska

Principal researcher (agriculture and biodiversity), Natural Resources

Mélanie Vaufrey's picture

Mélanie Vaufrey

Senior coordinator, Natural Resources

Kata Wagner's picture

Kata Wagner

Researcher (forests and prosperity, Africa), Natural Resources

Nicole Walsh's picture

Nicole Walsh

Programme manager, Natural Resources


Shaping Sustainable Markets research group

Driving our efforts to ensure that markets contribute to positive social, environmental, and economic outcomes

Sarah Best's picture

Sarah Best

Senior researcher, Shaping Sustainable Markets

Annabelle Bladon's picture

Annabelle Bladon

Senior researcher (inclusive blue economy), Shaping Sustainable Markets

Cinzia Cimmino's picture

Cinzia Cimmino

Programme manager (inclusive green economy and energy), Shaping Sustainable Markets

Anna Ducros's picture

Anna Ducros

Researcher (inclusive blue and green economy), Shaping Sustainable Markets

Ben Garside's picture

Ben Garside

Principal researcher, Shaping Sustainable Markets

Oliver Greenfield's picture

Oliver Greenfield

Convenor, Green Economy Coalition

Alejandro Guarín's picture

Alejandro Guarín

Principal researcher, Shaping Sustainable Markets

Chris Hopkins's picture

Chris Hopkins

Economic policy lead, Green Economy Coalition

Monica Inkpen's picture

Monica Inkpen

Programme and network manager, Green Economy Coalition

Kevin Johnstone's picture

Kevin Johnstone

Senior researcher, Shaping Sustainable Markets

Laura Kelly's picture

Laura Kelly

Director, Shaping Sustainable Markets

Zaiza Khan's picture

Zaiza Khan

Coordinator, Shaping Sustainable Markets

Enzo Leone's picture

Enzo Leone

Researcher, Shaping Sustainable Markets 

Ranak Maher's picture

Ranak Maher

Assistant coordinator, Shaping Sustainable Markets and Natural Resources

Ben Martin's picture

Ben Martin

Communications and publications officer, Green Economy Coalition

Jean McLean's picture

Jean McLean

Director of engagement, Green Economy Coalition 

Najma Mohamed's picture

Najma Mohamed

Policy director, Green Economy Coalition

Giulia Nicolini's picture

Giulia Nicolini

Researcher, Shaping Sustainable Markets

Cristina Pita's picture

Cristina Pita

Principal researcher and team leader, Shaping Sustainable Markets

Frances Reynolds's picture

Frances Reynolds

Group manager, Shaping Sustainable Markets

Paul Steele's picture

Paul Steele

Chief economist, Shaping Sustainable Markets

Stuart Worsley

Programme director, Green Economy Coalition



Our communications team focuses on supporting the strategy and values of the organisation and its partners.

Chris Brody's picture

Chris Brody

Web services manager, Communications

Teresa Corcoran's picture

Teresa Corcoran

Communications content manager, Communications

Georgina Diaz's picture

Georgina Diaz

Digital officer, Communications

Jodie Frosdick's picture

Jodie Frosdick

Production manager, Communications 

Rosalind Goodrich's picture

Rosalind Goodrich

Head of research communications, Communications

Sarah Grainger's picture

Sarah Grainger

Media manager, Communications

Clair Grant-Salmon's picture

Clair Grant-Salmon

Head of audience development, Communications

Kate Green's picture

Kate Green

Managing editor, Communications

Julie Hill's picture

Julie Hill

Group manager, Communications 

Natalie Lartey's picture

Natalie Lartey

Advocacy and engagement manager, Communications

David Lim's picture

David Lim

Intranet manager, Communications

James Persad's picture

James Persad

Director, Communications

David Sankar's picture

David Sankar

Web services manager, Communications

Anne Schulthess's picture

Anne Schulthess

Marketing manager, Communications

Juliette Tunstall's picture

Juliette Tunstall

Internal engagement and external events officer

Matt Wright's picture

Matt Wright

Web planning and content manager, Communications


Strategy and Learning Group

Simon Anderson's picture

Simon Anderson

Senior fellow, Strategy and Learning

Charlene Asamoah's picture

Charlene Asamoah

Business development manager (Climate Change/Shaping Sustainable Markets), Strategy and Learning

Catherine Baker's picture

Catherine Baker

Project manager, Strategy and Learning

Nadine Benson's picture

Nadine Benson

Coordinator, Strategy and Learning

Tom Bigg's picture

Tom Bigg

Director, Strategy and Learning

Stefano D'Errico's picture

Stefano D'Errico

Head of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL),  Strategy and Learning

Leila Fazal's picture

Leila Fazal

Head of business development, Strategy and Learning

Clarisse Marsac's picture

Clarisse Marsac

Monitoring, evaluation and learning officer, Strategy and Learning

Sally Ralph's picture

Sally Ralph

Group manager, Strategy and Learning

Tarisirai Zengeni

MEL advisor (gender & sustainable development), Strategy and Learning


Director's group

Tom Mitchell's picture

Tom Mitchell

Executive director

Tom Cox's picture

Tom Cox

Project management office manager, Director's Group

Vicky Reynolds's picture

Vicky Reynolds

Chief operating officer

Lizz Syme

PA to director, Director's Group



Nazia Begum

Receptionist (maternity leave)

Morris Kagkwo's picture

Morris Kagkwo

Facilities manager, Facilities Group

Val McAndrew

Office coordinator, Facilities



Abi Alabede

Group accountant, Finance

Giles Anyiam

Finance officer (sales ledger), Finance

Brian Barban

Project accountant, Finance

Derya Duman

Senior finance officer, Finance (maternity leave)

Moses Dumbuya's picture

Moses Dumbuya

Project accountant, Finance

Debra Spencer's picture

Debra Spencer

Financial accountant, Finance


Human resources

Evas Atuhereza's picture

Evas Atuhereza

People and payroll officer, People team

Neringa Balaikaite's picture

Neringa Balaikaite

People advisor

Genita Motichande's picture

Genita Motichande

People advisor

Andrea Vogel's picture

Andrea Vogel

Head, People (interim)