Our work

IIED's work addresses complex global issues. To help readers find information, we categorise our activities under 21 themes

239 items

Exploring the links between biodiversity, conservation and local livelihoods

774 items

Promoting equitable global governance, resilience and adaptation to climate change

325 items

Using communications for influence, impact and shared learning

73 items

Building climate resilience, productivity and equity in the drylands

139 items

Economic solutions that work for people, planet and prosperity

140 items

Driving pro-poor energy access and responsible operations

73 items

Research and action to inspire sustainable fisheries

224 items

Promoting fair and resilient food systems and consumption

231 items

Securing livelihoods, justice and sustainability through locally controlled forestry

62 items

Exploring the gender dimensions of sustainable development

132 items

Developing tools and tactics for just and fair governance at all levels

68 items

Accelerating the transition to green and fair economies

112 items

Strengthening land rights to support local livelihoods and fairer investments

77 items

Using the law to protect environments and livelihoods

113 items

Generating the right evidence at the right time, for people at local, national and global level

261 items

Promoting local control for the sustainable use of natural resources

210 items

Supporting policies and plans that deliver sustainable development at all levels

129 items

Addressing the root causes of poverty and improving access to basic needs

272 items

Using markets to secure positive social, environmental, and economic outcomes

299 items

Cities that work for people and planet

182 items

Ensuring fair and sustainable water governance