Our commitment to integrity and research excellence

Our mission is to build a fairer, more sustainable world using evidence, action and influence, in partnership with others. Making sure that our evidence is of the highest quality is central to the credibility of our work.

These pages set out how we approach the issues of integrity and ethics, research excellence and quality standards.

Our core values of collaboration, fairness and impact inform our ethics, and we address the issue of ethics in research, partnership and policy engagement through a clear policy statement, together with practical mechanisms to ensure that we put our values into action. 

We set out our principles and approaches for achieving the highest quality of research in our research excellence framework. This describes the benchmark against which we assess research quality, and outlines the ways in which we support IIED staff to develop their research skills. 

Our formal peer review process builds consistent quality standards through a rigorous, accountable and documented ‘open and acknowledged’ review process.