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IIED newsletter

October 20, 2021 - This newsletter shares blogs with our and partners' ambitions for COP26, details of our events at COP26, new publications and more

October 7, 2021 - This newsletter has blogs reflecting on World Habitat Day, the COP26 Youth Summit, the UN Food Systems Summit and lots more, plus four fantastic upcoming events

September 21, 2021 - We have an event on climate change loss and damage coming up at Climate Week NYC, a new podcast and blog on forests, plus new projects and publications

September 10, 2021 – Nature-based solutions, IIED at 50, the Global Biodiversity Framework, upcoming events and new publications

August 10, 2021 – In this newsletter we respond to the new IPCC report, share guest blogs on the Food Summit and urban food security. We also share news about new IIED and partners projects, publications and jobs

July 20, 2021 – In this newsletter we share blogs on COVID recovery led by communities in India and the Philippines. We also share thoughts on decolonising development, ecosystem-based adaptation, and more

July 6, 2021 – We have an event coming up on special drawing rights for climate action, recent blogs on urban food security and steps to make COP26 successful, a call for case studies on loss and damage and more in this newsletter

June 22, 2021 – In this newsletter we share a new longread discussing IDPs and refugees in camps and cities, a new podcast episode, London Climate Action Week events, and more

June 10, 2021 – We're celebrating our 50th birthday this year. Find out more in the blog below and get up to speed with lots of new, exciting events and publications

June 3, 2021 – In this newsletter we have blogs and publications on LDC negotiations at the UNFCCC, updates from CBA15, an interview for World Environment Day and lots more

May 18, 2021 – In this newsletter we share a collection of community development laws for mining, a new podcast on locally led adaptation, blogs, upcoming events and more

May 5, 2021 – In this newsletter we share a practical guide for CBD negotiators, a new podcast episode, updates from informal settlements and more

April 20, 2021 – In this newsletter we look at the overlapping crises of COVID-19 and climate change, learning from online events, green bonds and lots more

April 6, 2021 – In this newsletter we share the final of three animations on loss and damage, blogs on climate diplomacy and community mapping, a new consultant role, and more

March 17, 2021 – In this newsletter we're discussing loss and damage in Sierra Leone, a message for the Green Climate Fund, women's voice in land governance, and more

March 3, 2021 – In this newsletter we're discussing loss and damage in the Least Developed Countries, an event on women in the seafood value chain, learning from the COPs and more

February 18, 2021 – In this newsletter we share our 2020 annual review, a response to the UK's Dasgupta review, a blog about and opportunity to register for CBA15, and more

February 2, 2021 – Happy super year! We're discussing 2021 ambitions, climate and vaccine justice, land rights and more in this newsletter

January 19, 2021 – In this newsletter we're looking at locally led adaptation, land rights in Nepal and Tanzania, intersectionality in our research, and more

January 5, 2021 – For the first newsletter of 2021 we shared an inspiring new video, a new podcast, a small grants scheme, a senior researcher job and lots more 

December 30, 2020 – A look back at some of the most popular and thought-provoking blogs, publications and videos of 2020

December 8, 2020 – Find out about the Thimpu Ambition Summit, protecting Indigenous lands in Chile, a rubbish dump turned into a producive urban farm and lots more

November 24, 2020 – We have a new podcast, lots of events and some big news from IIED in this newsletter

November 10, 2020 – In this newsletter we have updates on upcoming events on climate change, food systems and lots more, some great guest blogs and fascinating new research to download

October 27, 2020 – In this newsletter we discuss a recent workshop on Indigenous food systems, women's land rights, using digital tools to engage climate action, and lots more

October 13, 2020 – This newsletter discusses a new report on ISDS and climate action, training on working with communities to combat illegal wildlife trade, an upcoming event on energy access and lots more

September 29, 2020 – This newsletter covers a call for ambition for the UN Biodiversity summit, a report back from CBA14, new publications and blogs on food security, biocultural heritage and more

September 15, 2020 – This week we explore COVID-19 recovery, youth inclusion in climate adaptation, urban change and lots more

September 2, 2020 - How we're making change happen in the era of COVID-19; pathways to environmental justice; a CBA14 Twitter chat and more in this newsletter

August 18, 2020 - Register now for CBA14, webinars on debt relief and loss and damage, and listen to a new podcast on climate and health in cities

August 4, 2020 - This week find out about five years of ecbi, bringing urban refugees into planning, a new LDC webinar and more

July 28, 2020 – This week read about an investment dispute in Colombia, a report on sustainable forest management, the launch of the new online CBA14 event, new webinars and more

July 7, 2020 – This week we have blogs on gender equality and COVID-19 responses in Ethiopia and Bangladesh, coverage from last week's London Climate Action Week discussions, an update on CBA14 and more

July 1, 2020 – Upcoming events, grassroots responses to COVID-19, a new podcast, why global development needs Black activism and more in this week's newsletter

June 16, 2020 – Nominate your outstanding women in development, reply to our briefing survey, read news on our submission to the UN High-Level Panel on Internal Displacement, and the latest coverage on COVID-19 from our partners

June 9, 2020 – register for an upcoming webinar, listen to a new podcast, read a guest blog on COVID-19 response in India, and download the new briefings from the Sentinel project

June 2, 2020 – a coming webinar on changing village life in Mali, blogs on nature-based solutions, urban change, new publications and more

May 26, 2020 – a webinar on financing the blue economy, stories of the COVID-19 crisis in Ecuador, food security blogs and reports, and more

May 20, 2020 – a briefings survey, blogs with COVID-19 experiences from Mumbai and rural Nepal, and lots more

May 13, 2020 – sign up to a webinar on climate activism, read guest blogs on food vendors research in La Paz and COVID-19 response in Karachi, and contribute to a new project and a survey

May 5, 2020 – listen to the new Make Change Happen podcast, find out how Kenya's coffee sector is dealing with COVID-19, three roles to apply for and more

April 28, 2020 – guest blogs from Dr Fatima Denton, Saleemul Huq and Sheela Patel, a new webinar, a briefing on forest producers in the Congo Basin and more

April 21, 2020 – an interview with Sheela Patel, blogs on artisanal mining, The Gambia's climate change strategies and urban growth, new briefing papers, and jobs

April 9, 2020 – projects with urban refugees, indigenous food systems, blogs on urban issues, wildlife and more

March 2020 (special edition) – a special issue focusing on the coronavirus pandemic, examining some of the emerging impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, from how coronavirus and climate change are two crises that need humanity to unite to issues in the informal settlements of the global South

March 2020 – stories of women protecting nature, 35 years of a changing community in Mali and an upcoming webinar

March 2020 – a new podcast, coronovirus and climate change, and our top five creative communications highlights from our annual review

February 2020 (special edition) – a focus on urban, including reflections on the 10th World Urban Forum and how the coronavirus threat looms large for low-income cities

February 2020 – our 2019 annual review, find out about a new evaluation toolkit for the Sustainable Development Goals, a podcast about urban change and more

January 2020 (special edition) – how the private sector can respond to development and environmental challenges – and how we can support business to deliver positive change

January 2020 – New blogs on climate action, urban shifts, a new archive 10 years since the Haiti earthquake and more.

December 2019 – A look at our best of 2019 and events coming up in 2020

December 2019 (special edition) – Updates on our recent activities on climate change in and around COP25, from acting on the planetary emergency to an event focusing on how to push for climate justice and enhanced climate action

November 2019 – A blog series on business and sustainable development, our new podcast on energy access, the re-launch of D&C Days and more 

November 2019 (special edition) – This 'sustainable diets' special focuses on a round-up of a 'Healthy Diets Week', which coincided with World Food Day and launched the October 2019 issue of Environment & Urbanization

October 2019 – Join us for Fish Night 6, register for D&C Days, read about a new mining law in Mali, a new GAPA manual for conservation and more

September 2019 (special edition) – A new series linking business and sustainability

September 2019 – The UN Climate Action Summit, the launch of a new navigator of tools for ecosystem-based adaptation, women claiming their land rights in three African countries and more

August 2019 – IIED’s new podcast, China’s role in global green governance, tackling illegal wildlife trade, climate justice and other key issues in sustainable development

August 2019 (special edition) – Focusing on China-Africa issues, examining the potential and the pitfalls of surging investment, plus a video interview with a timber exporter to China from northern Mozambique

July 2019 – Join us for an event at IIED, read about London Climate Action Week, mining procurement, evaluating the Sustainable Development Goals, and more

July 2019 (special edition) – A focus on social and environmental trade-offs in African agriculture, and how the Sentinel project is seeking to address the challenge of achieving ‘zero hunger’ in sub-Saharan Africa, while at the same time reducing inequalities and conserving ecosystems

June 2019 – Join us for two events in July, including London Climate Action Week, and read IIED's new blogs and publications

June 2019 (special edition) – Forthcoming events on mining procurement, IIED's new strategy, and London Climate Action Week.

May 2019 – Seeking a new chair, blogs on biodiversity loss and urban adaptation, and more on a website launch

May 2019 (special edition) – Reaction to the publication of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) report, plus the appearance of IIED's Dilys Roe on Channel 4 News

April 2019 – Climate action, IIED's new strategy, a webinar on women's voices in land governance and lots more

March 2019 – Women climate negotiators, a new animation about the high seas, a photo exhibition, lots of new briefings and more

March 2019 (special edition) – A collection of journal articles showing how national and international law is shifting control over the world’s natural resources and other recent content from the legal tools team

February 2019 – A new fisheries animation and webinar, food security, lots of new briefings and more

January 2019 (special edition) – A focus on fisheries, with IIED to host an international event in February, while a new animation look at how fiscal tools can support the health of the ocean and protect the livelihoods of people who depend on it

January 2019 – Our director's thoughts for 2019, two exciting conferences, tools for ecosystem-based adaptation and more

December 2018 (special edition) – Our reflections on COP24, our best bits of 2018 and information on what to look forward to in 2019

December 2018 – D&C Days, a new animation on fisheries, a new LDC project, and blogs about the Kimberley Process and CBD COP14

November 2018 (special edition) – To coincide with the UNFCCC COP24, IIED director Andrew Norton declares how climate talks must speed its pace of change to protect the poorest, and all the latest publications advocating for the Paris Agreement to be put into action with rules that are fair and transparent for all 

November 2018 – Biodiversity special: events at the Convention on Biological Diversity and an updated guide to social assessment for protected areas

October 2018 – Women biodiversity champions, IIED responds to the IPCC report, publications, blogs and more

October 2018 (special edition) – A spotlight on the illegal wildlife trade, including the launch of a new learning platform, a statement from IIED director Andrew Norton and two briefings focusing on community engagement

September 2018 – From locally controlled forest enterprises that promote sustainability, boost women's incomes, and strengthen the rights of indigenous and local communities, to connecting to the next generation of African audiences via mobile technology. Pus all the latest blogs, briefings and jobs

September 2018 (special edition) – Coinciding with the UNFCCC extraordinary session on climate change in Bangkok, Thailand, we examine transparency requirements and operational guidelines, and how IIED is supporting the least developed countries in the climate negotiations

August 2018 – How Chinese companies are changing Africa, the importance of governance of the high seas, climate negotiations and nature-based solutions

July 2018 (special edition) – A focus on IIED's work on moving towards an inclusive blue economy, including a toolkit to improve the way fisheries – especially small-scale fisheries – are reflected in national accounts

July 2018 – Read about climate change governance, the launch of phase II of the Forest and Farm Facility, community voices on the illegal wildlife trade, and more

June 2018 – Watch the recording of the 2018 Barbara Ward Lecture with Gro Harlem Brundtland and a summary of a conference that connects grassroots voices and global climate policy 

May 2018 – A new collection on the FLoD wildlife trade initiative, outstanding women blogs and more on the upcoming CBA12

April 2018 – Registration for CBA12, a guest blog from Christiana Figueres, a new theory of change for climate diplomacy, a new gender monitoring role and more

March 2018 − The Barbara Ward Lecture, a blog series by outstanding women in development, forest business incubation and more

February 2018 − IIED's gender mainstreaming, the Pope's visit with indigenous communities in the Amazon, public-private partnership in aid and more

January 2018 − The key issues for action on sustainable development in 2018 from IIED's director, a new GCRF-funded project, jobs and more

December 2017 − Water provision in Lebanon, a new biocultural heritage landscape in the Himalayas, new roles at IIED and more

November 2017 − Longreads on urban humanitarian crises and Madagascar small-scale sapphire mining, an update from the China-Africa Forest Governance Learning Platform and more

October 2017 − Find out about IIED's activities at COP23, an upcoming Twitter chat on urban crises; artisanal and small-scale mining in Tanzania, and more

September 2017 − Register for events on urban crises and food security, Development & Climate Days at COP23, and read about artisanal and small-scale mining in Ghana

August 2017 − Logging in Zambia's forests, automation and inequality, and our blog survey 

July 2017 – New animations from the Global Water Initiative, a toolkit for urban crises, and full coverage from the 11th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA11)

June 2017 – The challenges and opportunities after the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, a new global public health initiative, and food security in Zambia

May 2017 – Find cotton at a crossroads in Zambia, an African agribusiness investment webinar,  and CBA11 field visits

April 2017 – China in African forests, better evidence, decentralising climate funds, and the latest job vacancies

March 2017 – Register for CBA11, ASM dialogues in Madagascar, and Chinese mountain communities protecting biocultural heritage

February – Take IIED's stakeholder survey, read about climate change denial and its impacts, the illegal wildlife trade, and Dar es Salaam's unique issues

January 2017 – The SDGs through 2017 and beyond, the power of partnership, and Southern civil society organisations' reactions to 'disruptive change'

December 2016 – Slum dwellers and indigenous peoples' rights, local adaptation to climate change, and indigenous knowledge increasing crop yields

November 2016 – A special newsletter to highlight the activities of IIED in the second week of COP22 in Marrakech, focusing on a side event on decentralised climate finance

October 2016 – Read all about IIED's participation at the 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP22) UN climate talks in Marrakech

September 2016 – A focus on cities, with the Barbara Ward Lecture, new urban research, and Habitat III

August 2016 – Urban democracy and climate change, informal economies, and wildlife conservation

July 2016 – The Sustainable Development Goals, Least Developed Countries, and critique of the Habitat III New Urban Agenda

June 2016 – Responding to Brexit and the SDGs pledge to 'leave no one behind'

May 2016 – Reimagining development in the Least Developed Countries, land investments, accountability and the law and mainstreaming biodiversity and development

April 2016 – Both sides of the trophy hunting debate, evaluation and the SDGs, and sustainable fisheries management in Bangladesh

March 2016 – Take our stakeholder survey, find out more about our work on food demand and forests and register for our event to discuss Habitat III and the new urban agenda

February 2016 – A spotlight on climate negotiations for the Least Developed Countries and what does IIED mean to you? Complete our survey and let us know

January 2016 – Find out about our work on the informal economy, read our latest publications, and register for our annual community-based adaptation to climate change conference

December 2015 – We focus on COP21. Read all of the latest blogs, download new briefing papers and watch our coverage from Paris

October 2015 – Take a look at our new online annual report, find out about our events at COP21 and read our latest publications and briefing papers

September 2015 – Water and land rights, community-based adaptation to climate change and why urbanisation matters

August 2015 – SDG related video interviews and animation, new briefing papers and reports

July 2015 – Watch and share a new IIED animation, download a recent issue paper on inclusive green growth in Kenya and find out about our plans at World Water Week in August

June 2015 – Meet IIED's new director, find out about our latest work on artisanal and small-scale mining, and read about our event at World Water Week in August

May 2015 – Information about IIED events at European Development Days, plans for World Oceans Day and making the links between woodlands and wellbeing

April 2015 – Gold mining in Tanzania, a new briefing paper on tackling wildlife crime and two dates for your diary in June

March 2015 – Introducing IIED's new director, a new paper on low carbon resilient development, and we ask why don't we make the loggers pay?

February 2015 – A new climate advocacy toolkit, details of two events in Uganda in March, and a last chance to take our publications survey

January 2015 – Take our 2015 publications survey, learn why the glass is half full from IIED's chief economist and read our latest paper on ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change

December 2014 – Take our end-of-year quiz, watch a new photofilm and visit the new Global Water Initiative West Africa website

November 2014 – Conflict and violence in 21st century cities, building bridges for sustainable development and IIED at COP20

October 2014 – A new report on formalising artisanal and small-scale mining in Colombia, what IIED has planned at the World Parks Congress and details of how to register for Development & Climate Days at COP20

September 2014 – Social justice in forests, universal energy access and rewriting the narrative on Africa and climate change

August 2014 – Chinese views of African forests, how to best deal with wildlife crime and inspiring action for sustainable fisheries

July 2014 – Tools for inclusive cities, forests and Sustainable Development Goals, and the Musketeers of development

June 2014 – Celebrate the drylands, learn from a fisher how to save fish species, and explore what agroecology is and what it has to offer

May 2014 – Social justice in the green economy, mainstreaming biodiversity and development, and what's next for REDD+?

March 2014 – Sustainable fisheries animation, football and forests, and the launch of a new five-year strategy

February 2014 – Nobel Peace Prize nominations, the post-2015 development agenda and an elephant in the room

January 2014 – Payments for ecosystem services, locally controlled forestry in Mozambique and a guidebook for African journalists

November 2013 – REDD+ and rights, conserving fish in Bangladesh and reactions to COP19

October 2013 – COP19 UN climate change conference and the launch of our latest book

September 2013 – Big dams in Niger, reducing urban poverty and a house with many rooms

August 2013 – Mountain gorillas in Uganda, land deals and conserving Bangladesh's fish

July 2013 – Financing climate change adaptation, post-2015 agenda and African land grabs

June 2013 – Biodiversity in Botswana, City 2,0 and the quiet revolution in sustainable energy

Biodiversity newsletter

October 2021 - In this edition we share blogs and publications on locally-led action and Indigenous knowledge ahead of the upcoming CBD COP15

August 2021 - In this edition we share details of a new tool and webinar with guidance on how to design projects promoting alternative sources of protein; a new report with nature-based solutions case studies; new blogs, recent events and more

June 2021 - In this edition we discuss more learning for the CBD from the UNFCCC process, nature-based interventions for development, we celebrate World Oceans Day, and more

April 2021 - In this edition we discuss learning from the Paris Agreement, watersheds in South Africa and Uganda, community rangers protecting wildlife, and more

February 2021 - In this edition we discuss plans for the 2021 'super year', debt swaps for climate and nature, combatting illegal wildlife trade and more

December 2020 - In this newsletter we discuss a green recovery from COVID-19, assessments of conserved areas, ecosystem-based adaptation, and more

October 2020 - In this newsletter we discuss nature-based solutions for adaptation to climate change and for building back from COVID-19, the recent UN Biodiversity summit, a new training series for IWT practitioners, and more

August 2020 - In this edition we'll explore why people eat wild meat, find out about nature-based solutions to build back after COVID-19 in China, community conservation by the Uganda Wildlife Authority and lots more

June 2020 – Examples of finding solutions to climate change from nature, a discussion on wild meat, IIED's new Nature 4 Development programme and more

April 2020 – The first edition of a new newsletter launched as part of the 2020 'biodiversity super year', focusing on the role of sustainable use in reducing biodiversity loss and saving wild species, and questions about community-based approaches to tackling poaching and illegal wildlife trade. It includes our latest projects, publications and perspectives from our partners

Climate change newsletter

October 2021 - This edition is focusing on COP26, the UNFCCC climate change summit - what to expect, where to find us and our researchers, and what to read to get up to speed on the issues

September 2021 - Read about the latest IPCC report, a webinar series to bring the voices and knowledge of Indigenous farmers around the world, news and blogs from the IIED climate change teams and more

June 2021 - Don't miss out on all the great London Climate Action Week events coming up, watch CBA15 closing plenary, news and blogs from the IIED climate change teams and more

May 2021 - Listen to IIED's new podcast mini-series about locally led adaptation to climate change, read about the new Training Day at CBA15, news and blogs from the IIED climate change teams and more

March 2021 - Watch IIED's latest animations on loss and damage, register to attend the 15th International Conference on Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA15), a new Make Change Happen podcast, news and blogs from the IIED climate change teams and more

January 2021 - Join the 1st Gobeshona Global Conference, the online international Climate Adaptation Summit 2021, a new Make Change Happen podcast, news and blogs from the IIED climate change teams and more

November 2020 - A second series of London Climate Action Week events, blogs and interviews from the IIED climate change teams and more

September 2020 - A webinar on debt relief and the climate and biodiversity crises, a new Make Change Happen podcast, blogs from the IIED climate change teams and more

July 2020 - Join the 14th International Conference on Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA14), a webinar series on LDCs and the Paris Agreement, blogs from the IIED climate change teams and more

May 2020  – Check out a webinar on ecosystem-based adaptation, a podcast on devolved climate finance, blogs from the IIED climate change team and more

March 2020 – Follow a young climate negotiator as she shares her experiences of learning how to negotiate for more climate action – from community workshops in West Africa to global climate talks in Madrid

January 2019 – Reflecting on the highs and lows from COP25, including the 2019 Development & Clinmate Days, and the latest in our monthly Facebook blog series, giving a Nigerian youth perspective of the global climate strikes 

December 2019 – It's destination Madrid and COP25, where our negotiations team is supporting the Least Developed Countries Group at the UNFCCC: news on our exhibition stand and side events on nature-based solutions, climate finance and more.

October 2019 – The first edition of IIED's climate change newsletter, this month focusing on the UN Climate Change Summit and surrounding activity.

Forests newsletter

September, 2021 - The latest episode of IIED's Make Change Happen podcast, 'Getting climate resilience right – the case for backing smallholder organisations' has a forests focus and we hope you'll follow the link to listen

July, 2021 - In this issue we're excited to share updates on our project tree-planting campaigns in post-COVID-19 recovery, a Q&A with Estrella Penunia, secretary general of the Asian Farmers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA), and an article on co-producing knowledge with forest and farm producer organisations in environmental science and policy

May 2021 - Welcome back to IIED’s Forest and Prosperity work programme's forests newsletter. Forest and Farm Facility 2020 annual report, support for REDD+ readiness in Jamaica, looking forward to two events coming up, and more

July 2020 - Unseen Foresters, a new WWF-commissioned report which explores how Indigenous Peoples or local communities (IPLCs) are successfully implementing forest management systems and what we can learn from them

December 2018 – Updates on the China-Africa Forest Governance project, new publications on the China-Mozambique timber trade and women’s entrepreneurship, and a blog from Joji Cariño of the Forest Peoples Programme

July 2018 – The launch of Phase II of the Forest and Farm Facility (FFF), new publications and news on sustainable forest finance

January 2018 – Reflections on the 4th International learning event of the China-Africa Forest Governance Learning Platform and why the Market Analysis and Development (MA&D) approach is being used in Cameroon for the CoNGOs project

August 2017 − A learning event on approaches and opportunities for supporting community forest enterprises in Cameroon, how China is encouraging the timber industry in Mozambique, and how to make chocolate truly sustainable

March 2017 – International Day of Forests 2017, highlights from the ACES and Testing REDD+ projects in Mozambique, and recent events, blogs and publications

September 2016 – A new IIED forest project in the Congo Basin, our latest publications and a blog on locally controlled forests  

May 2016 – The Forest and Farm Facility, our latest publications and a new infographic on food demand and forests

February 2016 – REDD+, the informal economy and post-capitalist forests?

November 2015 – REDD+ event, food vs. forests and democratic forest business

August 2015 – Read our latest briefing papers, keep up to date with our testing REDD+ in Mozambique project and find about our events at the World Forestry Congress next month

April 2015 – Updates from Forest Connect and the China-Africa Forest Governance project, plus information about our latest briefing papers and reports

December 2014 – Find out what we got up to at the UNFCCC COP20 and the latest news from the Forest and Farm Facility

September 2014 – Forest governance, a China-Africa partnership and messages from friends and partners 

July 2014 – A Sustainable Development Goals special! Read about our forest modular approach and complete a survey

June 2014 – REDD+: the next steps, the risks and benefits, and what people want from it

March 2014 – The Chinese timber trade, a focus on gender and our partners in Mozambique

January 2014 – Gender and REDD+, forest producer organisations and love-infused development

Legal Tools newsletter

October, 2021 - In this issue we focus on legitimate tenure rights, artisanal cobalt mining in the DRC, and women's land rights in Africa

August, 2021 - In today’s issue, we wanted to highlight two new and exciting opportunities to join our team, and to ask that you share these roles with your own networks and contacts

July 2021 - In this issue we focus on resources to strengthen local rights, voices from civil society and the living income differential

April 2021 - In this issue we focus on civil society reshaping the land rights agenda, what works for women’s land rights and contracts for commercial agriculture

October 2020 - Find out about the new research report, Raising the cost of climate action? Investor-state dispute settlement and compensation for stranded fossil fuel assets

September 2020 - In this issue we focus on grassroots perspectives on investor-state disputes, and a new project to strengthen the governance of land-based investments

April 2020 − A focus on the mining sector, and how to help communities assert their land rights in the context of COVID-19

September 2019 − Women’s voices in land governance, innovative approaches to securing community land rights, and local procurement in mining

March 2019 − Commercial agriculture, ISDS reform, gender, and land rights redress

December 2018 − A focus on the extractive industries, special economic zones, and women's voices in land governance

March 2018 − The changing nature of pressures on land, safeguards against land expropriations and ways to secure indigenous peoples' land rights

July 2017 − Bridging local and global arenas for legal empowerment, with evidence on international investment treaties and arbitration and details of a webinar that examined approaches in Cameroon, Ghana and Senegal that are helping rural communities protect their rights

January 2017 – The costs and benefits of international investment treaties, and how community by-laws can help secure customary land rights

August 2016 – Accountability in agribusiness investments and the use of web platforms to improve rights and transparency

February 2016 – Gender and land governance, an upgraded investment law handbook and other new publications

September 2015 – Investment treaties, a guide and webinar on promoting accountability in agricultural investment chains and new publications

April 2015 – Investment treaties, grievance mechanisms, 'land grabbing' and a new IIED animation on agricultural investment chains

October 2014 – Human rights and investment policy, sustaining paralegal programmes, rethinking investment treaties and shaping land law from the bottom up

Urban newsletter

October 2021 - We are leading this edition with some exciting news about IIED urban research at COP26, and details of our latest publications and blogs

July 2021 - This issue leads with a Transformative Urban Recovery framework co-created with a wide array of partners, which seeks to provide an equitable and farsighted vision for COVID-19 recovery processes in cities. You'll also find details of all our latest projects, blogs and publications

February 2020 – The launch of the latest episode of IIED's Make Change Happen podcast, 'Seizing opportunities for urban change', and news of participation at the World Urban Forum

October 2019 – To mark World Cities Day, a focus on the new Environment & Urbanization issue on food in cities, a searchable database of book notes on all subjects relevant to urban issues, and a report exploring how upgrading informal settlements can help in achieving climate-resilient, inclusive, and low-carbon development

June 2019 – Welcoming new principal researcher Lucy Earle, a focus on the wellbeing of refugees in East Africa cities, and all the latest project news and publications 

October 2018 – The latest issue of flagship journal Environment & Urbanization, exciting new projects within the urban health sphere, plus key recent publications, news and project updates

November 2017 – A special online issue of Environment & Urbanization focusing on Chinese urbanisation, and how Urban ARK is help provide approaches to understand the nature and scale of risk in Mukuru, one of the largest slums in Nairobi

September 2017 – Details of a major international conference on how best to respond to crises in urban areas, the latest publications and a focus on local funds for local development

July 2017 – The important work of the Urban ARK project together with recent news, blogs, and work from the previous two months

March 2017 – The April 2017 issue of Environment & Urbanization, IIED's plans for the ICLEI Resilient Cities Congress, and the latest blogs and publications

November 2016 – A special newsletter to highlight the activities of IIED's Human Settlements research group at Habitat III, the global UN summit on cities and urbanisation

August 2016 – Learn of the latest publications, such as 'Transforming a 'New Urban Agenda' into a just urban agenda', and 'Trade winds: is free trade in food bad news for rural areas during rapid urbanisation?'

May 2016 – Learn of the latest publications, such as 'Why is water still unaffordable for sub-Saharan Africa's urban poor?' and read a spotlight on new book 'Cities on a Finite Planet: Transformative responses to climate change'

March 2016 – News, publications and a spotlight on inclusive urbanisation

Artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) newsletter

July 2018 – Working with local partners to lay the foundation to develop an ASM roadmap for reform, two thematic dialogues in Tanzania, and two global research reports

March 2018 – Reports from an action-dialogue in Tanzania, with a focus on the involvement of women

October 2017 – Stories of miners and communities from Ghana and Tanzania, our plans for the IGF annual meeting and more

May 2017 – Dialogue and action in equal measure in Madagascar, six steps forward for African mining, and ASM on social media

January 2017 – Dialogue in Tanzania and Madagascar, ASM team participation at international discussions, and the voices of miners in Ghana

September 2016 – The first ASM newsletter contains updates from the team on our work in Ghana, Tanzania, Madagascar and more

Shaping Sustainable Markets newsletter

October 2015 – The informal economy, news of a forthcoming event and the latest publications