June 2021

14 June 2021
IIED and partners have launched a website that focuses on the wellbeing, self-reliance and livelihoods of displaced people in urban areas and camps in four countries
9 June 2021
This episode explores ways to align global climate finance systems more effectively with the real-life situations of people in communities and at the local level, to ensure successful locally led adaptation to climate change
14 June 2021
The chair of the Least Developed Countries Group on climate change has warned that while the world’s attention has been on COVID-19, the crises on climate, biodiversity loss and poverty continue – and the stakes have never been higher than today
18 June 2021
The UK's COP26 Adaptation and Resilience Champion Anne-Marie Trevelyan says enabling more locally led adaptation informed by inclusive plans is a critical part of what the UK wants to achieve at this year's UN climate talks
22 June 2021
In the lead up to the first ever global summit on food, IIED launches a new series of blogs to contribute to the debate about food systems transformation