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How can we help?

If you're a journalist looking for information about IIED or an expert to interview for a story, our team can help. 

This frequently updated media resources section includes information on material available to journalists, from background briefings to images.

Who are we and what do we do?

  • The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) is an independent policy research organisation that is active across five continents, working with an extended network of partners.
  • IIED promotes research, action and policy change, linking the local to the global level to achieve sustainable development.
  • We work with some of the world's most vulnerable people to ensure they have a say in the policy arenas that most closely affect them — from village councils to international conventions.

How to describe IIED

IIED in six words
Linking local priorities and global challenges
(This is the shortest description of what is at the heart of IIED, usually used on institutional products only, such as the IIED website)

IIED in just 12 slides

What are our values, our goals, and our focus on change? View a quick introduction to IIED on SlideShare, or below, that relates how we make a difference.

Annual reports

Each year we report on our aims, activities and outcomes in our annual report

How to find images

IIED publishes photos on the photo-sharing site Flickr. Unless otherwise stated, our images on Flickr are available under the Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC 2.0.

We have photos of IIED staff available on request. We also have an in-house image bank of photos from our projects around the world. If you would like us to help you find a particular image, please contact us.  

How to get IIED's logo

If you would like to use IIED's logo, please contact our media and external affairs manager


IIED produces briefings for decision-makers and journalists on current topics. The briefings provide accessible summaries of our key research findings and policy recommendations. You can find details of these briefings on our publications website.

Some of our media-related publications are listed below.

Entangled in the web of life: biodiversity and the media

Time to adapt? Media coverage of climate change in non-industrialised countries

Why the media matters in a warming world: A guide for policymakers in the global South

Media networks

IIED works with a number of online media networks specialising in environment and development topics:


IIED is also part of a joint initiative offering fellowships for journalists to report on intergovernmental negotiations under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).