Information for policymakers

Policymakers need to make informed decisions that are just and sustainable, both for people and the environment. IIED supports policymakers by providing clear and accessible briefings, opinions, policy recommendations and research findings — written by authoritative experts — on timely topics at the interface of environment and development.

IIED researcher Lila Buckley talks to Liu Xueyen from IUCN-China at a Forest Governance Learning Group Learning event in Mozambique. Photo: Leianne Rolington

Research quality

What does ‘excellent research’ mean? And how can it be achieved? Together with our partners and other policy research organisations, we are exploring new ways of thinking about research excellence that acknowledges the diverse, and often complex, political and social conditions in which sustainable development research takes place. We appreciate the importance of rigour and reliability in research. But we also value other principles of excellence, including careful ethical reflection, participatory processes and useful results.  

At IIED, we believe that applying these principles to achieve research excellence in practice requires a five-pronged approach that brings together meaningful engagement, review, process management, evaluation and communication. Each is important in its own right but it is only when they are combined that excellent research can really be achieved.

Read Towards excellence: policy and action research for sustainable development.

Our strategy and how we monitor and evaluate our work

IIED's strategy identifies four major trends and challenges where we are focussing our work. We believe it's important to monitor and evaluate this work as evaluations hold us to account not only for the money we spend on behalf of our donors but also for the results we aim to deliver. Evaluations are also opportunities for our teams and partner organisations to reflect on and learn from experience so that we can constantly improve our work. Find out more about a recent external review of the institute.