IIED to host second Twitter chat on oceans

News, 23 January 2019
Join our Twitter chat on 6 February to discuss the ocean, the blue economy and fisheries.

Young fishers tend their nets in West Bengal, India (Photo: Sugato Das, Creative Commons, via Flickr)

IIED is inviting researchers, policymakers and practitioners to participate in an online conversation on 6 February 2019 about fiscal reforms, achieving Sustainable Development Goal 14, and integrating the true value of small-scale fisheries into the national economy.

IIED will use the online network Twitter and the hashtag #OceanHour to host the online discussion from 2-3pm (GMT).

The online conversation precedes IIED’s conference 'Towards an inclusive blue economy', which meets in London from 25-26 February. The conference will bring together ocean experts, policymakers, fisheries associations, business and civil society representatives, and stakeholders to consider strategies for developing national economies that protect marine resources and people's livelihoods and make sure that the benefits of the ocean are shared equitably.

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To join the Twitter chat, follow #OceanHour on Twitter from 2-3pm (GMT) on 6 February.

IIED's Twitter chat is designed to stimulate international dialogue and debate around fiscal reforms, oceans economics, the law of the high seas, and to share best practice and stories of success.

To kickstart the conversation, IIED will tweet a series of key questions and invite responses. The questions will be tweeted from IIED's Twitter account, @IIED.

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The questions we will be asking are:

  • How can small scale fisheries be made attractive to investors? Share your examples of where this has worked
  • Are there any countries that have incorporated the value of small-scale fisheries in national accounts? How have they done it?
  • Tell us about a country with small-scale fisheries policies that help people and the environment to thrive
  • What would be the single biggest breakthrough for the small-scale fishing industry to guarantee a sustainable future?
  • What’s your experience of monitoring and evaluating progress towards achieving SDG14? Please share what you’ve learnt
  • Why is it important to ensure the principle of ‘common heritage of mankind’ in the governance of the high seas?

This is the second Twitter chat on oceans hosted by IIED. The first, in May 2018, focused on how to safeguard our oceans, and we compiled a Twitter Moments to summarise the discussion.

Contributions to the latest Twitter chat will also be used to inform an international event to discuss how to develop a marine economy that is fair and sustainable IIED is hosting later in February.

Read more about IIED's ocean and fisheries economics work

Using economic instruments, we work to address threats faced by marine fisheries, and the people who depend on them, and help to shape policy options for realising the global goals. Some of our key recent work is listed below:

How to participate in a Twitter chat

1. All your tweets should contain the Twitter chat hashtag being used (such as #OceanHour). This enables them to be linked to the larger conversation taking place.

2. All answers to the scripted questions should label which question is being answered. For example, if answering the first question, you should write “A1: I believe that… #OceanHour”; the second question would be “A2: xxx”, and so on.

3. If your answer is too long for a single tweet, you can carry the answer over several tweets. To signify that these tweets are related, include the number of the tweet over how many tweets the answer will continue. For example: “A1: I believe that… #OceanHour (1/3)” “Also, I think that… #OceanHour (2/3)” “Finally, I think… #OceanHour (3/3)”.

4. When the Twitter chat starts, keep an eye on both the official moderator (@IIED) for the scripted questions and the hashtag #OceanHour. It’s a good idea to keep both of these tabs open throughout the entirety of the chat.

5. While monitoring the #OceanHour feed and your notifications tab, you may come across questions from outside participants. If you wish to answer their question, simply hit “reply” and enter your answer into the text box. Make sure to continue to include the hashtag #OceanHour.

6. People are tuning into the Twitter chat to hear from you – feel comfortable to share your resources, be yourself and to answer honestly.

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