IIED to host international ASM day

News, 19 June 2015
IIED will host a day dedicated to artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) on Thursday, 25 June, using online networks to connect mining communities across the globe.

Fortunatus Waziri, a driller, works deep within a tunnel at the Nsangano Gold Mine, Mawemeru village in Geita District, Tanzania (Photo: Brian Sokol/Panos Pictures)

As part of IIED's ASM policy dialogues, we are providing a neutral space for key stakeholders, including artisanal and small-scale miners themselves, to identify solutions and develop a shared vision for a more inclusive, sustainable and productive mining sector.

We first did this at a 'visioning workshop', and now we intend to broaden that space to embrace our online communities. 

Join the conservation: get the latest updates and share ASM knowledge on Thursday, 25 June.

At the workshop in April we were able to hear from major stakeholders and a range of global voices, to scope priorities and start to picture the ASM space.

Now we want to open up the dialogue and get others involved: we want to hear about your work, get your views, share in successes and learn from failures.

We are planning a series of in-country dialogues where challenges will be tackled and a space created to discuss the actions needed to move towards a more responsible and inclusive mining sector. 

Share, comment and get involved

Across the web and our social platforms, we will be creating a space for this dialogue and the sharing of knowledge and information.

Throughout Thursday, 25 June, we will be broadcasting all our latest research, resources and publications, as well as offering the opportunity to interact with IIED's mining experts, such as senior researcher Abbi Buxton.

Join the conversation by using the hashtag #shareASM, and share your work and have your say.

The human story of gold mining

All of our work is grounded in local knowledge. Earlier this year, we travelled to Geita District, northwest Tanzania, to better understand and talk to the wide range of people who depend on gold mining.  

Find out about the the human story of gold mining in 'Gold mining, the search for common ground' below and on our Shorthand Social website.

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