How well were you actually following the world of environment and development in 2015?

2015 was an important year for the world of development, with new global goals agreed on sustainable development, as well as an historic climate deal. As the end of the year approaches, take our environment and development quiz to test how much you know about the world over the last 12 months, and find out how well prepared you are for a sustainable future.

Are you as advanced as Sweden, or do you have as much to learn as Mexico? Our specially devised ranking system is based on how well prepared countries are to meet the Sustainable Development Goals post-2015...


What did you score?

15: Congratulations! You are Sweden, the country identified as the best prepared to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS), according to the world's first SDG Index (PDF), created by Germany's Bertelsmann Foundation. You have cut your outstandingly low levels of greenhouse gas emissions relative to GDP by more than a third since 2006, putting the rest of the world to shame.   

11-13: You are Iceland, the country with a low percentage of your population living below the national poverty line and leading the world in the use of renewable energy sources. But you are also the least efficient energy user and, with 44 per cent of bird species threatened, could improve your performance on biodiversity.

7-10: You are Luxembourg, with high air quality and having made commendable strides towards ending poverty. But your fossil fuel energy production is alarming, and you're not doing nearly enough to protect animal species.

3-6: You are Portugal, with some of the lowest levels of life satisfaction. You have admirably low greenhouse gas emissions but you don't put enough effort into research and development to secure your future.

0-2: You are Mexico, ranking last out of 34 countries across all dimensions of the SDG Index. You have the worst poverty rate, and your inequality of opportunity in education cannot hope to offset low uptake and quality, threatening to hobble your economy for decades to come.

Sources for answers (where not already given)

1. There are more Syrian refugees in Istanbul than the rest of Europe put together. A similar number (314,000) live in Beirut. The population of Leicester is 330,000

10. What's App is used by 93 per cent of Brazil's internet population

15. As illustrated in the Lima call for climate action (PDF)