How well do you actually know the world of environment and development?

As the end of the year approaches, take our environment and development quiz to test your knowledge of the world, including questions on current affairs, geography and random facts our expert researchers happen to know.

Once you've completed the 20 questions, see where you are placed in our specially devised ranking system…



20: Top of the class! Your 100 per cent score suggests you have the potential to be a game-changer and you're certainly doing far better than any of the countries in the Climate Change Performance Index (PDF), where the top three places were left vacant because "No country is doing enough to prevent dangerous climate change".

15-19: You are Denmark. Even though emission levels are still relatively high, you are setting an example to others, with ambitious renewable energy and emissions-reduction policies in place, showing how industrialised countries can not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk, implementing effective climate protection policies.

10-15: You are Morocco. Leading the way among developing countries, according to the Climate Change Performance Index, you have climbed into the top 10 for the first time and are considered one of the global forerunners in renewable energy policy-making.

5-9: You are Spain, where politically retroactive measures have ruined the dynamics in the renewables sector. The country is also opposing progressive measures at the international level.

0-4: You are Australia, in 60th place out of 61 countries in the Climate Change Performance Index and only contributing to the Green Climate Fund when you've been shamed into doing so. Must do better…

Sources for answers (where not already given)

  1. The first COP was held in Berlin
  2. The United Nations Environment Programme produces an annual calculation of the emissions gap between the pledges made by countries and what is needed according to the science
  3. Australia with 8.8
  4. The Intended Nationally Determined Ccontributions
  5. North America is the most urbanised continent (PDF) (page 2)
  6. 1985 and 2004
  7. There are 190 ethnic groups in Russia
  8. China surpassed the US in March
  9. The estimated annual value of illegal wildlife trade is $1.9 billion
  10. Thirty new spider species are discovered in China
  11. Fish is the world's single most-traded food commodity
  12. Although 17 goals have been proposed, the final number is yet to be determined
  13. More than 3,000 international investment treaties are in force, and more are being negotiated
  14. District 9 was loosely based on an inner-city area of Cape Town
  15. 2015 is the International Year of Soils
  16. Biologists have linked a mysterious, underwater farting sound to bubbles coming out of a herring's anus
  17. The final three positions in the World Press Freedom Index 2014 were taken by Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea