Completing the globe: tackling poverty and injustice in the North (PLA 50)

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Published: October 2004
Participatory Learning and Action
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Participatory Learning and Action 50: Critical reflections, future directions

The circulation of Participatory Learning and Action is predominantly in the South and for many is seen as only having relevance for those working there. However, there have been several northern-focused articles. In this article, the authors reflect on the expericne of PLA's development in the UK, drawing on articles that have appeared in the PLA series, as well as their and others' experience.

This special anniversary issue of Participatory Learning and Action contains articles by previous guest-editors and authors from the last 20 years who were invited to revisit their contributions and provide an update on current thinking. The overview reflects on the overlapping themes and parallels in the lessons learnt and suggestions for ways forward.

Guest editors: Robert Chambers, Nicole Kenton and Holly Ashley

Participatory Learning and Action (PLA, formerly PLA Notes) is the world's leading series on participatory learning and action approaches and methods. PLA publishes articles on participation aimed at practitioners, researchers, academics and activists. All articles are peer-reviewed by an international editorial board.

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