Scenario workshops and urban planning in Denmark

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Published: February 2001
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Participatory Learning and Action series, issue 40: Deliberative Democracy and Citizen Empowerment

Denmark has a strong tradition of integrating both representative and participatory (or 'direct') democracy. By law, local authorities have to make a plan for any change in a local area, and this is sent out for a local hearing among the citizens before the final decision. The focus of Scenario Workshops (SWs) differs from that of most consensus conferences and citizens' juries that focus on society's use and regulation of technology. Like the Citizen Foresight approach, SWs start with a commonly recognised problem and then look for solutions. The Scenario Workshop is a local meeting that includes a dialogue among four local groups of actors: citizens; policy-makers; business representatives; and experts.

The core of the Scenario Workshop is a presentation of possible future developments in the area. These so-called Scenarios have been formulated in advance and describe different ways of solving a problem. They have to be different with respect to both the technical and organisational solutions described and the social and political values embedded in them.

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