Developing Markets for Watershed Protection Services and Improved Livelihoods

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Published: December 2005
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This report documents the discussions held at a workshop to discuss the interim lessons learned from the IIED project "Developing Markets for Watershed Protection Services and Improved Livelihoods".
In October 2001, IIED embarked on a project to explore the potential of market-based approaches to maintain watershed services that support local livelihoods. Diagnostic reviews of markets for watershed services were carried carried out in the Caribbean (Grenada, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Trinidad), India, Indonesia and South Africa1. These diagnostic studies paved the way for a three-year actionlearning project. The purpose of the project is to increase understanding of the potential role of markets mechanisms in promoting the provision of watershed services for improving livelihoods in developing countries.
IIED is enabling country-based partners to pursue programmes at field sites in India, Indonesia,South Africa and the Caribbean. At these sites, country partners and IIED are taking an ‘actionlearning approach’ to develop schemes for payments for watershed services (PWS). In Bolivia and China, project partners are assessing the potential for PWS through a series of diagnostic studies.
Within each country, learning groups have been set up to allow stakeholders to compare and disseminate lessons to policy makers. At an international level, country partners, together with IIED
have compared experiences and extracted lessons at annual project advisory group meetings. The first of these was an inception workshop held in January 2004, which was attended by external
interested stakeholders also (see Implementation Phase Planning Workshop Report, 28-30 January 2004, London). The analysis and documentation presented at the second workshop (South Africa,
October 2005) fed into the draft discussion paper ‘Fair deals for watershed services: Learning from new attempts to develop payments for watershed services that benefit livelihoods’ (December 2005,
IIED) which provided a basis for information dissemination at the findings discussion workshop.

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