Fair ideas programme 16th and 17th June

Follow the links below for details of lead and participating organisations for provisional sessions on the 16th and 17th June at Fair ideas.

Many sessions were recorded and we will be adding video to the session pages when available.

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All sessions contribute to one or more of the event’s key themes:

  1. Shaping Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Urbanisation that improves lives
  3. Business models for sustainability
  4. Transforming economic systems for people and planet

Saturday 16th June

09.30-11:00AuditoriumPlenary: Shaping sustainable development goals
  Coffee break
11.30-13:00AuditoriumPlenary: Better lives, smaller footprints
09:30-17:30Rooms: variousFocus: Sharing pro-poor sustainable energy solutions Christian Aid, Practical Action, Friends of the Earth, Hivos, Renewable World, World Future Council, Heinrich Boell Foundation, IIED, STEPS Centre
14:00-15:30AuditoriumBusiness models for sustainability
 PastoralTransforming innovation for sustainability STEPS, Stockholm Resilience Centre
 AnchietaREDD+ in the Brazilian Amazon: accomplishments and next steps to conservation and poverty alleviation Fundação Amazonas Sustentável
 K102Ensuring equity in global policy processes: lessons from the climate change regime Oxfam
 Rio DatacentroAid finance for the 21st century: Catalysing change with locally-controlled funds IIED
 Leme (L150)Reframing Rio - Sustainable development: what's the story? tve, IIED, IPS
  Coffee break
16:00-17:30AuditoriumUrbanisation and the green economy
 PastoralShaping a new economy: how can innovative governance work for sustainable development? Instituto Vitae Civilis, Brazil
 AnchietaAccess to energy: Beyond 2012 Christian Aid, Practical Action, Friends of the Earth (EWNI), HIVOS, Renewable World, World Future Council, Heinrich Böll Foundation, IIED and the STEPS Centre
 Rio DatacentroNorth-South and South-South Dialogue: the role of key actors in achieving poverty eradication and green economy  (BCAS, Bangladesh)
 K102Open Space: Do we need Sustainable Development Goals? What do you think? IIED
18:00-19:30AuditoriumThe Amazon Lecture
 PastoralLocally controlled farm-forestry: A firm foundation for fair green economies? The Three Rights Holders’ Group (G3), IIED
 AnchietaMaking it happen: implementing the principles for green economy GEC
 Rio DatacentroAgricultural biodiversity acknowledged Hivos, Oxfam Novib
 K102Social enterprise for a green economy Development Alternatives, India

Sunday 17th June

09.30-11:00AuditoriumGreen economy and developing countries
 PastoralPlanetary and social boundaries: can we live in the safe and just space for humanity? Oxfam
 AnchietaReflecting on a decade of mining, minerals and sustainable development ICMM, IIED
 Rio DatacentroMainstreaming climate change into sustainable urban planning CDKN
 K102Open Space: Do we need Sustainable Development Goals? What do you think? IIED
11:00-16:00Leme (L776)Is Green Growth different for developing countries?  Sharing Ideas and Experiences OECD
  Coffee break
11.30-13:00AuditoriumMaking agricultural investments work for small scale farmers
 PastoralWhen one size is not enough: a South-South dialogue on PES experiences in Costa Rica and Brazil  FAS, FONAFIFO, IIED
 AnchietaSanitation: The key to helping cities and their communities achieve sustainable development Instituto Trata Brasil and SHARE
 Rio DatacentroBuilding Inclusive Green Economies: Towards a Shared Policy Agenda PEP
 K102Cleaning up China's supply chains China Dialogue
 Leme (L150)Reframing Rio: can film make a difference? tve, IIED, IPS
14:00-14:45Leme (L150)Shaping sustainable markets IIED
14:00-15:30AuditoriumSpotlight: Brazilian priorities for Rio+20
 AnchietaEnvironment and ecosystem services: improving lives ESPA, WAVES, PEI
 PastoralChanging mindsets: Small-scale farmers in the globalised market Hivos, IIED
 Rio DatacentroReframing Rio - Communicating Rio issues  tve, IIED and IPS
 K102Defending the public: participation, future generations, and sustainable development FDSD
 Leme (L110)The know-how of PES in Costa Rica: a dialogue with practitioners FONAFIO, IIED
  Coffee break
16:00-17:30AuditoriumPlenary: SDGs: Looking to the future