Fair ideas - The know-how of PES in Costa Rica: a dialogue with practitioners

17th June. Room: Leme (L110), 14.00-15.30

Language: English and Spanish with translation

Led by: Fondo Nacional de Financiamiento Forestal (FONAFIFO), Costa Rica; IIED, UK


Beyond a positive environmental impact, Costa Rica’s payments for environmental services (PES) programme has also breathed life into many grassroots organisations working on conservation and development, which have evolved as important facilitators. The programme has also provided a platform for innovative approaches to fundraising, including a long-term biodiversity fund, ear-marked funds through water taxes, and a complementary targeted scheme to work in areas outside the reach of the national programme. This participatory workshop brings together various intermediaries that reach out to farmers and use PES as a means to pursue their own agendas, which include conservation, agriculture, indigenous women association, water users, and marine ecosystems.


Part 1.  The facilitation process: local intermediaries and added value.


Maureen Ballestero, President, Fundación Universitaria para el Desarrollo de la Provincia de Córdoba (FUNDECOR), Costa Rica

Justa Romero, Leader, ACOMOUITA , Costa Rica

José Rafael León Mora, Presidente del Consejo de Administración, CoopeSilencio, Costa Rica


Part 2: Thinking outside the box to ensure financial sustainability of PES schemes


Virginia Reyes, Researcher, Fondo de Biodiversidad Sostenible, Cedarena, Costa Rica

José Miguel Zeledón, Director, Departamento Aguas MINAET, Costa Rica

Maureen Ballestero, President, FUNDECOR, Costa Rica


FONAFIFO is a semi-public institution created by Law to implement the PES programme in Costa Rica. Parallel to PES, FONAFIFO targets small and medium farmers to promote forest activities through credit and other mechanisms to support forest management. The organisation has been leader in promoting South-South collaboration, for example a recently signed cooperation agreement for REDD+ among Costa Rica, Mexico and Ecuador.

IIED is a policy research organisation with 40 years of experience in environment and development. Based in London and working on five continents, IIED specialises in linking local to global.


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