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Most issues of Participatory Learning and Action have a special theme section, as well as a selection of general articles and regular features. Special issues draw on the expertise of guest editors to provide detailed accounts of the development and use of participatory methods in specific fields. All articles published in the series are peer-reviewed by an International Editorial Advisory Board made up of a team of experienced participatory practitioners.

Full list of issues:

PLA 66: Tools for supporting sustainable natural resource management and livelihoods 
September 2013
Edited by Holly Ashley, Nicole Kenton, Angela Milligan

PLA 65: Biodiversity and culture: exploring community protocols, rights and consent
June 2012
Guest editors: Krystyna Swiderska with Angela Milligan,Kanchi Kohli, Harry Jonas, Holly Shrumm, Wim Hiemstra,Maria Julia Oliva

PLA 64: Young citizens: youth and participatory governance in Africa
December 2011
Guest editors:  Jessica Greenhalf, Rosemary McGee

PLA 63: How wide are the ripples? From local participation to international organisational learning
Sepember 2011
Guest editors:  Hannah Beardon, Kate Newman

PLA 62: Wagging the dragon's tail: emerging practices in participatory poverty reduction in China
August 2011
Guest editors: Johanna Pennarz, Song Haokun, Deng Weijie, Jianping Wang

PLA 61: Tales of shit: Community-Led Total Sanitation in Africa
October 2010 
Guest editors: Petra Bongartz, Samuel Musembi Musyoki, Angela Milligan and Holly Ashley

PLA 60: Community-based adaptation to climate change
December 2009, 244pp.
Guest editors: Hannah Reid, Mozaharul Alam , Rachel Berger, Terry Cannon, Saleemul Huq , and Angela Milligan

PLA 59: Change at hand: Web 2.0 for development 
June 2009, 144pp. 
Guest editors: Holly Ashley, Jon Corbett, Ben Garside and Giacomo Rambaldi

PLA 58: Towards empowered participation: stories and reflections 
June 2008, 152 pp. 
Guest editors: Tom Wakeford and Jasber Singh

PLA 57: Immersions: learning about poverty face-to-face 
December 2007 
Guest editors: Izzy Birch and Raffaella Catani

PLA 56: General issue 
June 2007, 72pp. 
Editors: Holly Ashley, Nicole Kenton and Angela Milligan

PLA 55: Practical tools for community conservation in southern Africa 
December 2006, 144pp. 
Guest editors: Brian Child, Brian Jones

PLA 54: Mapping for change - practice, technologies and communication 
April 2006, 152pp. + CD-ROM
Guest editors: Giacomo Rambaldi; Jon Corbett; Michael K. McCall; Rachel Olson; Julius Muchemi; Peter Kwaku Kyem; Daniel Weiner; with Robert Chambers

PLA 53: Tools for influencing power and policy 
December 2005, 96pp. 
Guest editor: Sonja Vermeulen

PLA 52: General issue 
August 2005, 96pp. 
Editors: Nicole Kenton , Angela Milligan and Holly Ashley

PLA 51: Civil society and poverty reduction 
April 2005, 144 pp. 
Guest editors: Alexandra Hughes and Nicholas Atampugre

PLA 50: Critical reflections, future directions 
October 2004, 224 pp 
Guest editors: Robert Chambers, Nicole Kenton and Holly Ashley

PLA Notes 49: Decentralisation and community-based planning 
April 2004, 112 pp.
Guest editors: Ian Goldman and Joanne Abbott.

PLA Notes 48: Learning and teaching participation
December 2003, 88 pp. 
Guest editors: Peter Taylor and Jude Fransmann

PLA Notes 47: General issue
August 2003, 88 pp. 
Editor: Angela Milligan

PLA Notes 46: Participatory processes for policy change 
February 2003,100 pp.
Guest editors: Ian Scoones, John Thompson

PLA Notes 45: Community-based animal healthcare
October 2002. 88pp.
Guest editors: Andy Catley and Tim Leyland

PLA Notes 44: Local Government and Participation
June 2002. 88pp.
Guest editors: Andy Inglis and Ced Hesse

PLA Notes 43: Advocacy and Citizen Participation
February 2002. 80 pp. 
Guest editors: Cindy Clark, Beth Harrison, Valerie Miller, Jethro Pettit, Lisa VeneKlasen

PLA Notes 42: Children's Participation - Evaluating Effectiveness
October 2001. 80 pp. 
Guest editors: Nadia Auriat, Per Miljeteig, Louise Chawla

PLA Notes 41: General Issue
June 2001. 68 pp. 
Editor: Holly Ashley

PLA Notes 40: Deliberative Democracy and Citizen Empowerment
February 2001. 96 pp. 
Guest editors: Michel Pimbert and Tom Wakeford

PLA Notes 39: Participatory Communication
October 2000. 80 pp. 
Guest editors: Joanna Howard and Patta Scott-Villiers

PLA Notes 38: Participatory Processes in the North 
June 2000. 104 pp. 
Guest editors: Charlotte Flower, Paul Mincher and Susan Rimkus

PLA Notes 37: Sexual and Reproductive Health 
February 2000. 128 pp. 
Guest editors: Andrea Cornwall and Alice Welbourn

PLA Notes 36: General Issue
October 1999. 54 pp.
Editor: Laura Greenwood

PLA Notes 35: Community Water Management 
June 1999. 96 pp. 
Guest editors: Marc P. Lammerink and Dick de Jong

PLA Notes 34: Learning from Analysis
February 1999. 94 pp. 
Guest editors: Irene Guijt and Su Braden

PLA Notes 33: Understanding Market Opportunities 
October 1998. 96 pp. 
Guest Editor: Andy Jeans

PLA Notes 32: Participation, Literacy and Empowerment 
June 1998. 144 pp. 
Guest editors: Bimal Phnuyal, David Archer and Sara Cottingham

PLA Notes 31: Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation 
February 1998. 91 pp. 
Guest editors: Mae Arevallo, Irene Guijt and Kiko Saladores

PLA Notes 30: Participation and Fishing Communities 
October 1997, 92 pp. 
Guest Editor: Marie-Thérèse Search

PLA Notes 29: Performance and Participation 
June 1997.107 pp. 
Guest Editor: Andrea Cornwall

PLA Notes 28: Methodological Complementarity 
February 1997. 97 pp.

PLA Notes 27: Participation, Policy and Institutionalisation 
October 1996. 87 pp.

PLA Notes 26: General Issue
June 1996. 73 pp.

PLA Notes 25: Special Issue on Children's Participation 
February 1996. 94 pp. 
Guest Editor: Victoria Johnson

PLA Notes 24: Critical Reflections from Practice 
October 1995. 94 pp. 
Guest Editor: Andrea Cornwall

PLA Notes 23: Section on Participatory Approaches to HIV/AIDS Programmes 
June 1995. 92 pp. 
Guest Editor: Alice Welbourn

PLA Notes 22: General Issue
February 1995. 88 pp.

RRA Notes 21: Participatory Tools and Methods in Urban Areas 
November 1994. 110 pp.

RRA Notes 20: Livestock 
April 1994. 165 pp.

RRA Notes 19: Training
February 1994. 114 pp.

RRA Notes 18: General Issue
June 1993. 75 pp.

RRA Notes 17: General Issue
March 1993. 74 pp.

RRA Notes 16: Applications for Health 
July 1992. 115 pp. 
Guest editors: Marc P. Lammerink and Dick de Jong

RRA Notes 15: Applications of Wealth Ranking 
May 1992. 77 pp.

RRA Notes 14: General Issue
December 199.1 67 pp.

RRA Notes 13: Proceedings of the February 1991 Bangalore PRA Trainers Workshop 
August 1991. 94 pp.

RRA Notes 12: General Issue
July 1991. 57 pp.

RRA Notes 11: Proceedings of Joint IIED & Development Administration Group (University of Birmingham), Local Level Adaptive Planning Workshop, London
May 1991. 86 pp.

RRA Notes 10: General Issue
February 1991. 34 pp.

RRA Notes 9: General Issue 
August 1990. 35 pp.

RRA Notes 8: General Issue
January 1990. 35 pp.

RRA Notes 7: Proceedings of Second Joint IDS/IIED RRA Review Workshop 
September 1989. 62 pp.

RRA Notes 6: General Issue
June 1989. 37 pp.

RRA Notes 5: General Issue
May 1989. 33 pp. 

RRA Notes 4: General Issue
February 1989. 22 pp. 

RRA Notes 3: General Issue
December 1988. 24 pp.

RRA Notes 2: General Issue
October 1988. 19 pp.

RRA Notes 1: General Issue
June 1988. 19 pp.