Tweeting from #COP23

IIED and partner events at COP23

The 2017 UN climate change conference will take place from 6 to 17 November in Bonn, Germany. IIED staff in attendance will be tweeting updates throughout the event.

Follow us via @IIED or get individual perspectives from the personal accounts below, and add your voice by using #COP23.

Saleemul Huq's picture
Director, @ICCCAD and senior fellow @IIED. Work on adaptation to climate change. Views presented are my own.
Liz Carlile's picture
Currently director of communications @IIED. Research comms and strategic mar comms is my thing. Tweets/views my own
Simon Anderson's picture
Father, learner and 'rough-edged' researcher on climate change
Neha Rai's picture
Specialising in public policy analysis, urban and regional planning, climate finance and governance. Also studying the political economy of climate adaptation
Clair Grant-Salmon's picture
Head of audience development @IIED. Marketing, digital & data in the office. Running, books & travel outside the office. Sometimes they converge.
Matt Wright's picture
Digital stuff @IIED | Planning and implementing online/digital communications strategies, focusing on website platforms and social media networks
Brianna Craft's picture
I love #peanutbutter & hate #climate change. Allergic to unending bad news, I seek the sustainable. American-born climate change researcher @iied
Sam Greene's picture
Climate change / drylands researcher @IIED. Sharing research, own opinions and sarcasm.
Andrew Norton's picture
Director of @IIED. Poverty, human rights, climate action, global social change, politics and development and some random stuff
Clare Shakya's picture
Climate change director at IIED. Good ideas & powerful stories to achieve change; politics of climate change, getting climate finance to work
Beth Herzfeld's picture
Head of media at IIED - tweeting for fun and a bit for work. My own opinions...
Anne Schulthess's picture
Marketing @IIED, sarcastic, mom, environmentalist, feminist, cyclist. Not necessarily in that order.