CBA6: tweet by tweet and blog by blog

Given that the theme of the 6th International conference on community-based adaptation to climate change was communications, it's only fitting that participants embraced social media with open arms.

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26 April 2012

According to Topsy labs social analytics, #CBA6, the hashtag used to identify all conference-related tweets on Twitter, has been mentioned a total of 1,726 times (as of 25 April 2012). 26 blogs were written by 13 different bloggers.

Below I have selected some of the brilliant photographs, blogs and tweets written by participants at the conference. Coverage starts with the field trips and moves onto the conference in Hanoi, Vietnam. This isn't exhaustive and doesn't include video coverage. Look at our conference report for a more complete list of all blogs and video content produced.

Just as Clay Shirky shows how Ushahidi and Wikipedia are new media tools that help users aggregate and share "dispersed knowledge" in his book Cognitive Surplus, so too, do these tweets and blogs. When combined on IIED's CBA6 blog feed or in this Storify, they help to collectively capture and weave together key ideas learned and shared.

Note: Some links in the Storify below may no longer work.

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