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Our partners contribute expertise, strategic thinking and financial support.

A man stands in a field looking at solar irrigation panels.

This project in Bihar, India, developed a business model for solar irrigation pumps that was tailored to farmers’ needs (Photo: Metro Media/IWMI via Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The international conferences on Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA) are organised in partnership and form part of a wider programme of work focused on CBA.

Supporting the annual conference

The annual CBA conferences use a format that is innovative and interactive, including varied and participatory sessions and workshops that facilitate dialogue and learning on the most current adaptation challenges.

We host discussions about resilience and adaptation between practitioners, community representatives, local and national government planners, researchers, policymakers and donors with a focus on the global South.

These conversations are rooted in the lived experience of climate risks, and hard-won practitioner and communities’ experience in responding to them – and are essential to shaping the policies and programmes that will be most effective in addressing the triple challenge of poverty reduction, climate change and biodiversity loss.

Conference participants can build their understanding of the opportunities for and challenges to delivering effective programmes and creating enabling environments for them while responding to changing international agendas.

Conference aims

The conferences bring together the CBA community that is collectively seeking to reimagine solutions that enable transformative outcomes through the agency of communities driving climate action. It provides an innovative and interactive space that enables the network to drive global ambition for a climate-resilient future through:

  • Inclusive, gender-transformative and meaningful engagement
  • Sharing and collaborating around good practice and challenging assumptions
  • Drawing on evidence to inform the scalability of effective approaches, and
  • Influencing and shaping decision making processes.

Becoming a partner

There are numerous ways in which partners can support the conference, both financially or in-kind. Partners can contribute to core costs or specific elements of the conference, such as a sponsorship scheme for young people or women in leadership, the capacity building training track, the youth-led programme, and the Dragon’s Den, among others.

The partner financial support helps us expand our outreach, cover the costs of the online platform and tools and most importantly, makes the sponsorship scheme possible. Financial support also helps to support the secretariat in developing the international CBA network and helps us keep the community active throughout the year.

Through sponsorships, we support representatives of community-based organisations, small NGOs, students and local government officials based and working in the global South to attend the conferences to ensure the right people are at the table. Our sponsorship scheme has a focus on women and young people. The participation and engagement of these stakeholders are integral to the conference aims. 

Depending on your level of support, your organisation will join as a host partner or as a contributing partner, who set the direction of the conference and the conference programme. Moreover, your organisation will gain presence and recognition, through:

  • Acknowledgement and logo on the CBA platform before, during and after conferences
  • A dedicated space to promote your work on the virtual conference platform as well as a logo banner throughout the platform
  • Promotion in our event publications through logo and credit, your logo featured in the official conference programme, and throughout social media channels, and
  • Your logo featured in the conference holding slides for all sessions.

We do not provide partners and donors dedicated speaking slots because the conference programme is developed and led by the community of practitioners and partners. We are, however, happy to connect you with theme leads to enable you to get involved in session development.

By purchasing CBA registrations priced at a ‘solidarity fee’ your organisation will be acknowledged as a sponsoring partner on the conference platform. Sponsoring partners contribute to our goal of widening access to CBA conferences by contributing to our ‘solidarity fund’ for sponsored places.  

Financial support for the conference can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.  

We encourage potential partners to get in touch and get involved as soon as possible: please email CBA programme manager Teresa Sarroca ( to find out more. 

Supporting the wider programme of work

Over 15 years, CBA conferences have helped to build a community of practice that includes community representatives, academics, local and national governments as well as national and international NGOs, and our programme of work has grown beyond the annual conferences.

The CBA work programme aims to link the annual CBA conferences to other key events and policy processes to ensure that critical messages reach target audiences.

It seeks to ensure that the knowledge and experience held by the CBA community can inform climate change responses at all scales. In particular, it is vital for policymakers, NGOs and funders to recognise the priorities and lived experience of the most vulnerable people at the frontline of climate change. This will also facilitate greater cross-sectoral partnerships and expertise, enabling practitioners from the global South to lead and shape climate action.

Our aim is to strengthen links to policymakers and target policy-relevant discussions, ensure evidence generation includes Southern-led research agendas and bottom-up priorities and widen access to the CBA events and local representation of lived experiences.

Partners who contribute to CBA for more than one year form part of the steering group, which provides strategic direction to the wider CBA programme of work. 

About our partners

The Royal Government of Bhutan welcomes participants to CBA14.

CBA14 is funded by the Climate Justice Resilience Fund, Irish Aid, the Global Resilience Partnership, the Global Commission on Adaptation and IIED, and organised with co-hosts CARE and Practical Action, in collaboration with the contributing partners BRAC, the Huariou Commission, Green Africa Youth, IUCN NL, Environmental Management for Livelihood Improvement Bwaise Facility, African Centre for Trade and Development and Slum Dwellers International.

The CBA steering group is led by CARE, the Climate Justice Resilience Fund, the Global Resilience Partnership, Irish Aid, Practical Action and IIED. 


CBA programme manager Teresa Sarroca (

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