CBA 2011: conference feedback

Article, 01 April 2011

The Fifth International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) took place in Dhaka, Bangladesh from Monday, 28 to Thursday, 31 March 2011. Participants, represented NGOs, government, international organisations, and academia. Here are some of the things they had to say.

Thank you very much for organizing and hosting such a wonderful meeting. As I said in my video blog, I believe that this meeting will be a launching pad for more enhanced attention to CBA action in the new adaptation regime. Great work; and hats off to IIED and BCAS for creating this conference series concept, and evolving this to what it is today! Dr. Youssef Nassef, Manager, Adaptation UNFCCC Secretariat

Warm evening greetings from Denmark. On behalf of our entire CARE delegation, I just want to extend a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you for all your combined efforts that resulted in such a successful CBA5 conference. Personally, before the event this year I feared that it had grown too big to maintain the very special informal and collegial atmosphere that has been so precious the previous years. Yet, my fears were unfounded and I think that has a lot to do with the tremendous efforts that all of you invest in ensuring that this conference maintain its very unique approach Tine Rossing, CARE International.

The experience was indeed stimulating and worthwhile Edwin Elagado, Plan International

A big thanks again on behalf of the FAO team to you personally and  to all of BCAS and IIED for inviting us and giving us space at the CBA5, and for all the very good arrangements and highly interesting discussions this week. We appreciated the conference a lot and as said earlier we are committed to also participate in follow up Stephen Baas, Food and Agriculture Organization.

Having been at CBA in 2009, this was a great progress in a well organized field visit. It was not just the learning but the bonding with community and fellow participants. The BCAS team were well organized with local NGO-which really impressed me and other participants. Kudos…The sessions were educative and informative as always. They were well spaced and well organized. Gave enough time to make follow ups Andrew Adwera, ACTS.

The conference gave me an opportunity to learn from the presentations of the climate change and adaptation practitioners based on their original works, studies and tests tried at various communities across the globe, mainly the vulnerable communities of developing countries. Most of the studies were application of knowledge and technologies developed. Dinesh Raj Bhuju, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology

For me it was a totally energizing experience to be amongst 300 diverse, ‘big picture’ people. The experience was so good partly due to your amazing organization of everything from visas and airport transfers to accommodation in Dhaka in the middle of a cricket world cup.  Well done! A big THANK YOU- to you and to all of BCAS... However reflecting on the week, as dusty villages of rural India slip past outside my train window, I do have questions. We glibly talked of annex 1 countries overusing resources but by staying in the Sheraton did just that ourselves. No-one needs 5 star luxury Jeph Mathias EHA

It makes me feel very comfortable and relaxed to present and at the same time listen to the rich discussions by different  people from different perspectives during our session. Yes indeed it is a unique approach to chair presentations and discussions Jimmy Kereseka, The Nature Conservancy.

This conference really helped me to better understand other countries examples, build networks, and create the possibility of introducing a graduate course at my department on CBA Md.Moniruzzaman, Jagannath University Bangladesh.

Thanks to Saleem, Hannah for successfully organizing and giving us all another learning and sharing experience...the CBA 5 Roopa Rakshit, United Nations Environment Programme.

I am writing to express my many thanks for a stimulating, informative and thoroughly enjoyable CBA conference from which I have taken a lot of knowledge and made lots of new friends. Although I could not attend a field visit, I did however have the opportunity to visit Kuakata via public transport and I was astounded by the beauty of the landscape and people of Bangladesh. Although Bangladesh faces many challenges I really do feel after visiting and seeing for myself the determination and resilience of the people of Bangladesh that this provides the greatest opportunity for the future prosperity and adaptation prospects of the country. I really do hope that I will have the opportunity to visit Bangladesh again in the future, it is truely a unique place Steven Orchard, phD student, Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy, Leeds.


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