The IIED Bookshelf features books from external publishers that have been authored or edited by our researchers, or include chapters written by those experts. Each book listing includes related articles, blogs, reviews and author interviews. These book contributions support the institute's vision to strive for excellence in policy and action research that drives sustainable development.

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Cover of Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Change Adaptation
6 July 2017

IIED researchers contributed to three chapters in a book exploring the methodological challenges in monitoring and evaluating climate change adaptation

Cities on a Finite Planet - book cover
5 July 2017

A book edited by David Satterthwaite and Sheridan Bartlett reports on how cities are responding to climate change. Book summary includes: a blog by one of the editors

Cover: Responding to Climate Change in Asian Cities
27 February 2017

A book edited by IIED researchers shows how cities across Asia are building climate resilience. Book summary includes: a blog by one of the editors, and two reviews

Cover: Yearbook on International Investment Law & Policy 2014-2015
27 February 2017

IIED's Lorenzo Cotula writes about property rights and international investment for the Yearbook on International Investment Law and Policy 2014-2015. Book summary includes: a Q&A with the author

Front cover of "The End of Desertification?"
27 February 2017

IIED's former director writes about a new paradigm for development in the drylands of the Sahel. Book summary includes: three related blogs, the views of the author, and three reviews

Cover of The political economy of low carbon resilient development
17 February 2017

A book edited by IIED researchers examines the political dynamics affecting planning for climate change action at national and local level. Book summary includes: a Q&A and video interviews with the editors




This YouTube playlist features video interviews with IIED researchers discussing their contributions to books, from the key messages stemming from the related research to who the book will interest.


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