The IIED Bookshelf features books from external publishers that have been authored or edited by our researchers, or include chapters written by those experts. Each book listing includes related articles, blogs, reviews and author interviews. These book contributions support the institute's vision to strive for excellence in policy and action research that drives sustainable development.

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Cover of the Trends in Climate Change Legislation book, depicting a set of scales
8 May 2018

IIED's Achala Abeysinghe and Subhi Barakat, alongside Michal Nachmany of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, co-author a chapter in the book 'Trends in Climate Change Legislation' that explores how a deepening understanding of the importance of climate change has caused a recent and rapid increase in the number of climate change or climate-related laws

Enhancing Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing Countries Through Community-Based Adaptation'
21 February 2018

Essam Yassin Mohammed, of IIED, and Zenebe Bashaw Uraguchi, co-edit 'the book Financial Inclusion for Poverty Alleviation: Issues and Case Studies for Sustainable Development'

Cover image of  Enhancing Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing Countries Through Community-Based Adaptation
12 February 2018

IIED's Saleemul Huq contributes to a chapter in a new book, 'Enhancing Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing Countries Through Community-Based Adaptation', published by the African Centre for Technology Studies and partners. 

Cover of Climate Justice in a Non-Ideal World
2 August 2017

IIED's Achala Abeysinghe and Saleemul Huq co-author a chapter in the book Climate Justice in a Non-Ideal World, exploring the different viewpoints from leading experts on what would be a just outcome to the climate change problem. Book summary includes: a Q&A with one of the authors

Climate Change and Human Development - book cover
27 July 2017

A wide-ranging book looks at how climate change is impacting the world's poorest communities

Cover of Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Change Adaptation
6 July 2017

IIED researchers contributed to three chapters in a book exploring the methodological challenges in monitoring and evaluating climate change adaptation



This YouTube playlist features video interviews with IIED researchers discussing their contributions to books, from the key messages stemming from the related research to who the book will interest.


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