Women in Dhaka, Bangladesh queue to get access to a raised tube well; local indicators about access to water are essential for the SDGs (Photo: Development Planning Unit, UCL, Creative Commons, via Flickr)
David Satterthwaite's picture
David Satterthwaite
9 March 2016
Women such as this farmer in a village in Guinea, pictured cultivating a crucial 'revenue stream', often lose out when communities are resettled due to large dams (Photo: Mike Goldwater)
Jamie Skinner's picture
Jamie Skinner
8 March 2016
A woman explains the importance of guarding against future encroachments on her community's common land in Northern Uganda (Photo: LEMU)
Who will replace the much respected executive secretary of the UNFCCC, Christiana Figueres (Photo: UNFCCC, Creative Commons via Flickr)
Andrew Norton's picture
Andrew Norton
3 March 2016
African women provide the majority of food production labor in the family, but do not necessarily own the land. Research has shown that ensuring land rights for women, such as these Kenyan farmers, can positively influence food security and economic development (Photo: Bonnie McClafferty/IFPRI, Creative Commons, via Flickr)
Catriona Knapman's picture
Catriona Knapman
29 February 2016
A welder uses home-made equpiment in Kenya, where the Jua Kali (informal economy) thrives and can solve any problem (Photo: Erik (HASH) Hersman, Creative Commons, via Flickr)
Mao Amis's picture
Mao Amis
24 February 2016

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