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I am the current Richard Sandbrook Scholar at IIED. As part of that role I am exploring IIED’s current work and scope for future involvement in China. I grew up in Hong Kong with close family links in mainland China, and am bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese. I have just finished my undergraduate degree in History at the University of Oxford, which included a paper on modern African history from colonialism to post-colonial development. While in school I extensively studied early-modern and modern Chinese history. I have always been interested in international affairs generally, and more recently in sustainable development in particular. Following a previous finance internship in Beijing, I am especially interested in work towards sustainable development in the context of regulatory policy and private sector activity, and what this might look like in China moving forward.

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11 Dec 2012  |  Communication, Poverty
The ‘Chinese media dragon’ is raising its voice in Africa—and drawing criticism. So how much is cultural bias, and how much legitimate concern?
27 Nov 2012  |  Governance, Natural resource management, Policy and planning
China’s new conservative leadership means any changes to help the country's environment will come through the existing policy framework, and not an overhaul of the system.