February 2012

14 February 2012
Find out how IIED, a Kenyan flower business and a consultant get flowers grown by smallholder Kenyan farmers onto the shelves of a UK supermarket.
8 February 2012

Palm wine, bat stew and carbon markets all made it into the same discussion in Parliament last night – likely for the first time.

1 February 2012

This was the hope of those planning the move, and the long-term aim in creating this new space is that it will serve to enhance IIED's ability to carry out its mission of building a fairer, more sustainable world. 

21 February 2012
There’s plenty of room at the Hotel Sri Tahjung. Any time of year… you can find it here. But if you want to stay, you’ll need a pair of wings and plenty of saliva.
22 February 2012

"Land grabs" are now one of the biggest issues in Africa.

Over the past few years, companies and foreign governments have been leasing large areas of land in some of Africa's poorest countries.

22 February 2012

Forests cover almost half of Indonesia’s surface but, because growing new tree plantations and sustainably managing forests has historically not kept pace with the country’s extensive timber processing capacity, it now faces an economic and environmental problem.

4 February 2012

It might seem obvious that African farmers, who have successfully fed their families and, in turn, much of rural Africa, would be the first to be consulted on what agricultural research would benefit them. But a series of citizen juries, carried out previously in West Africa and facilitated by IIED researchers and partners, have revealed that much African agricultural research doesn’t meaningfully involve farmers or reflect their priorities.

21 February 2012

A group of the world’s leading scientists and experts in sustainable development – and all past winners of the Blue Planet Prize – call for bold leadership at the international level that revaluates and "re-engineers" our economic syste

28 February 2012

Land acquisitions in Africa have often been portrayed as a development opportunity or as land grabbing. What follows are tweets before, during and after a heated debate on whether land grabs are good for Africa, broadcast live by the BBC World Service from Sierra Leone.