November 2011

2 November 2011

Take a look at these two photographs and play spot the difference.

2 November 2011
The scale of Thailand's floods are unprecedented. In the midst of the crisis, water management has become a politically sensitive matter
3 November 2011

In the context of the multilateral climate change negotiations, this global realization has slowly, but inexorably led to the conclusion that for the foreseeable future, it would be vain to expect from the US either legally binding mitigation commitments or a significant financial contribution to

9 November 2011

Slow progress at global climate talks is belied by the plethora of actions in many smaller and more at-risk developing nations.

10 November 2011

As policymakers prepare to discuss REDD+ at UN climate talks in Durban, they should heed the lessons learned from years of experience in participatory forest management across the developing world.

10 November 2011

In this video blog, Saleemul Huq, Senior Fellow, of IIED's Climate Change Group provides information about the upcoming conference in Hanoi. It’s key theme is: communicating about how communities are adapting to climate change.

14 November 2011

On a white sandy beach in a small fishing village called Kuruwitu in eastern Kenya a ground-breaking project that aimed to protect marine biodiversity and improve livelihoods was launched in 2005. Six years on what obstacles has it encountered and what lessons can be learned?

14 November 2011

The humble potato is a great example of how Quechua communities in the Andes have maintained crop biodiversity.

16 November 2011
After years of alarmist predictions of hundreds of millions of climate refugees fleeing their homes, there is now a broad-based consensus that while the impacts of climate change will increase the number of migrants, it is not the only factor that drives people to move
17 November 2011

“Neoliberal, capitalist economics is bankrupt, morally and intellectually, but nothing changes,” were the opening words of Neal Lawson from Compass at a debate Putting the Green Economy on Trial.

He described the infrastructure of consumerism and marketing that has developed under the current system as difficult to escape; a seductive new vision of what it is to be human is needed, he said.