October 2011

5 October 2011
The issue of hunger in urban areas has long been neglected, as part of a more general neglect of urban poverty. And when the issue is covered, there are some glaring gaps in the analysis
16 October 2011

A gastronomic boom sweeping through Peru reflects the country’s economic growth and optimism.

13 October 2011

After recent announcements of winners for the Nobel prize, the World Food prize and the African leadership prize for good governance this blog asks, do prizes work?

20 October 2011

I have been attending a meeting of around forty Archbishops and Bishops from all over Asia for several days now at Assumption University on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand surrounded by flood waters approaching the country’s low-lying capital city.

21 October 2011

Some people become more and more fixed in their minds as they get older. I hope IIED is an enquiring as ever, willing to shift ground when the evidence is clear, to be pragmatic rather than stuck in an ideological rut. We need to practice mental gymnastics to keep flexible and nimble in mind.

17 October 2011
Speakers at the "View from the streets" event in London showed how the urban poor can group together to bring about change