Annual report 2007

Annual report 2007Our Annual Report for 2006-7 illustrates the far-reaching work we do to support more sustainable patterns of global development, and highlights important achievements over the last year.

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To learn more about the IIED programmes and projects featured on pages 32 to 46, see the following links.

pages 32, 33

Environment and poverty in Tanzania

Environment at the heart of Tanzania's development

pages 38, 39

Snap happy: a vision of successful ecotourism in Cambodia.

Sustainable tourism supporting species conservation in the Srepok Wilderness, Cambodia

Keeping biocultural legacies safe

Protecting Indigenous Knowledge against Biopiracy in the Andes

Banishing the Biopirates: A new approach to protecting traditional knowledge

Protecting Traditional Knowledge: Implications of Customary law

See also related press:

Global talks on intellectual property must not sideline indigenous communities
Governments urged to take a new approach to intellectual property rights.

Peru's ancient Inca capital says no to GM-potato
United Nations decision prompts potato celebration in Peru

The difference a day makes: IIED at COP

page 40

Bearing fruit: how urban riches help rural Vietnam

Related work can be found under the theme Rural-Urban Linkages

Small town mobility: governance, development, migration

Related work can be found under the theme Rural-Urban Linkages

Fair miles: greener beans from Africa

'Fair miles'? The concept of 'food miles' through a sustainable development lens

Miles better? How ‘fair miles’ stack up in the sustainable supermarket

See also for an overview of the issues.

Page 43

Gaining ground: women and land in West Africa

Landless Women, Hopeless Women? Gender, land and decentralisation in Niger

Mapping for change: participatory learning and action

Mapping for change: practice, technologies and communication, in Participatory Learning and Action (issue 54)

Pages 44, 45

Pastoralism: countering the myths

Supporting pastoral civil society

Pastoralism: drylands’ invisible assets?

Sustainable strategies: peer-reviewed progress

Peer Review of the Netherlands National Strategy for Sustainable Development

Out of the woods: fair trade timber

Exploring fair trade timber: A review of current practice, institutional structures and possible ways forward

Forestry and Land Use: See October updates -Who wants fair trade timber?

page 46

FIELD's legal eagles

Further links

We mention a number of other websites throughout the report. Please see below for a full list:
The Poverty and Conservation Learning Group (PCLG) is a forum for facilitating mutual learning on the links between conservation and poverty among 70 key organisations.
The Working Group on Climate Change and Development is a unique and diverse network of development and environment organisations.
Community-based adaptation recognises that environmental knowledge, vulnerability and resilience to climate impacts are embedded in societies and cultures.
This project website explores ways of creating opportunities and identifying favourable outcomes for small-scale producers in developing countries to participate in international horticultural supply chains—particularly those in the UK. (French only)
IED Afrique est une organisation basée au Sénégal organisation indépendante à but non lucratif qui capitalise une quinzaine d’années d’expérience en Afrique de l’Ouest francophone.
The Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development (FIELD), a subsidiary of IIED, is a non-governmental organisation bringing together public international lawyers committed to the promotion of environmental protection and sustainable development through law.

Many thanks to McGillian Eves for designing the 2006/7 annual report.