About us

Our mission is to build a fairer, more sustainable world, using evidence, action and influence, working in partnership with others.

Selingue, Mali, 25th April 2015. Photo by Mike Goldwater

The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) is an independent research organisation that aims to deliver positive change on a global scale.


“We work together to strengthen people’s voices in the decision-making arenas that affect them — from village councils to international conventions.”


IIED brings together more than 120 people from diverse backgrounds and countries to deliver high quality research, analysis and impact. Our work is guided by our leadership team, research fellows and trustees

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Research expertise

Working through four research groups, we develop cross-cutting solutions that deliver impact on many levels.
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Climate Change research group

Collaborating with partners to address the challenges of climate change, leading the way on policy, adaptation and resilience

Human Settlements research group

Cities that work for people and planet

Natural Resources research group

Working with partners to build capacity and shape policy for the fair and sustainable use of natural resources

Shaping Sustainable Markets research group

Driving our efforts to ensure that markets contribute to positive social, environmental, and economic outcomes

How we work

Our policies and ways of working reflect our commitment to integrity, equality and fairness. Learn how we put our principles into action

Our funding

We are committed to financial transparency: our annual reports provide detailed financial information

Responsible operations

We have a clear plan to reduce our carbon emissions and environmental impacts, and work responsibly


We believe that without gender equality and equity there can be no social justice or sustainable development


Our institutional policies reflect our principles and values, and are available to download and read

Annual review 2021 banner illustration

IIED's annual review

Our 2021 annual review, 'Keeping up the pressure', reflects on our strongest achievements over the last year and the need to increase the pace of change

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The International Institute of Environment and Development (IIED) is a company limited by guarantee and incorporated in England (Reg. No 2188452. VAT Reg. No. GB 440 4948 50) and an independent charity registered in England (Charity No. 800066) and in Scotland (OSCR No. 039864). IIED is recognised as an international organisation by the OECD Development Assistance Committee.