PLA 51: Civil society and poverty reduction

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, 144 pages
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Published: April 2005
Participatory Learning and Action
ISBN: 9781843695509
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This issue includes a special theme section on Civil society and poverty reduction. This section captures the experiences of Southern civil society organisations (CSOs) which are engaging in the monitoring, evaluation and implementation of poverty reduction strategy (PRS) processes. There has been much reflection on engagement by CSOs in the formulation of PRSs, but much less written about how they are being monitored and implemented. With respect to monitoring and evaluation, this issue explores how CSOs are working towards the articulation and realisation of poor people’s rights and the accountability of governments and other powerful actors towards them.

This edition also includes a number of more general articles, as follows:

A paper on participatory landscape analysis for community-based livestock management in Vietnam.

A report on working with municipalities to develop urban health systems in Bangladesh.

A paper on using actor-oriented tools to analyse innovation systems in Bangladesh.

An article about scaling up the use of PLA in a pilot health and nutrition programme in India.

A paper on a people's initiative to solve water-logging in river management in Bangladesh.

The Tips for Trainers section looks at developing indicators for monitoring poverty reduction strategies.

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