PLA Notes 38: Participatory Processes in the North

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, 102 pages
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Published: June 2000
Participatory Learning and Action
ISBN: 9781843692829
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This edition includes five articles on general topics as well as a special theme section on Participatory processes in the North.

The general section includes:

A paper on the danger of PLA participants adopting rehearsed roles and delivering pre-ordained outcomes.

A paper on training for professionals working in irrigation management transfer programmes to help them develop facilitation skills.

A review of the Francophone exchange meeting on participatory development in Francophone Africa.
~The special theme section of this issue of PLA Notes presents a variety of case studies where participatory techniques have been used in the ‘North’ (defined as membership in the OECD).The eighteen articles include a wide range of case studies where such techniques have been used, including for example, with drug users in Norway and the UK, urban planning in Japan, community development in Scotland and Ireland, an adaptation of REFLECT with immigrant women of Calgary, Canada, worker-led participatory evaluations in the USA, participatory video in the UK and participatory monitoring of an extension project in Australia, amongst others.

This edition also includes a feedback paper on using participatory research techniques to investigate local notions of malaria in a Nigerian community.The Tips for Trainers item looks at a practical exercise for team formation, poker style.

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