PLA Notes 37: Special Issue: Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Published: February 2000
Participatory Learning and Action
ISBN: 9781843692812
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This edition includes articles on general topics as well as a special theme section on the use of participatory approaches in relation to sexual and reproductive health.

The general articles include:

A paper about work to identify ways of implementing participatory approaches within the Chinese context.

A report on a 'Dare-to-Share Fair' in The Hague which looked at how to give people ownership of their development processes.

The theme section of this issue looks at a initiatives relating to sexual and reproductive health drawn from around the world. This area of work has traditionally focused on providing information and services, rather than seeking to engage people actively in change processes. The articles look at the challenges of using participatory approaches in this field of work. The new approaches discussed range from innovative uses of participatory methods to enhance communication and understanding, to adopting strategies to amplify the voices of people who would otherwise remain unheard in policy and institutional processes. The articles build on previous issues focused on Health (RRA Notes 16, 1992) and HIV/AIDS (PLA Notes 23, 1995).

This edition also includes a feedback paper describing ways in which ranking techniques can be misleading, based on work in Papua New Guinea.

The final paper, Tips for Trainers, aims to help staff to link a theoretical understanding of the issues involved in HIV to the personal dilemmas of individuals.

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