PLA Notes 36: General Issue

Journal (whole)
, 54 pages
PDF (1.8 MB)
Published: October 1999
Participatory Learning and Action
ISBN: 9781843692805
Product code:6334IIED

This is a general edition of Participatory Learning and Action. It includes the following items:

A paper about the participatory evaluation of a CARE International project in Zimbabwe.

An article looking at the evaluation of a participatory training workshop for GTZ staff.

An article about the importance of generating community confidence in order to nurture cooperation, based on a project in Ecuador.

A paper about the background and origin of force field analysis, enumerating steps for using it and giving examples of its use in PRA.

A report on the Southern Highlands Dairy Development Project in Tanzania which aims to support the private dairy sector.

A paper describing how social network analysis can be used to understand social capital and discussing how strong social capital and social networks can influence policy at a local level.

A case study from Zimbabwe, which considers the extent to which PRA methods can be used to collect economic data.

A brief report from the ‘Deepening our Understanding and Practice' conference on participatory development held in Canada.

Tips for Trainers on using a matrix for ranking PRA tools.