PLA Notes 34: Learning from Analysis

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Published: February 1999
Participatory Learning and Action
ISBN: 9781843692782
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This issue includes a special theme section looking at ‘analysis’: the tricky process of ‘making sense’ of the information derived from participatory approaches.

The general articles are:

An article about the use of mapping and wealth ranking by a micro-finance NGO in South Africa.

A paper the Twenty Points of Progress Programme, a participatory methodology for assessing the impact of village development programmes.

A report on a Public Participation Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialist meeting held in Santa Barbara, USA, in 1998.~ ~The special theme section features ten articles on the theme of analysis. The articles discuss what happens when data is ‘collected’, discussed, summarised and shared, when priorities are made, and action points are agreed.

There are examples from Uganda, Peru, UK, Malawi, India, Brazil and El Salvador. The articles examine who is involved in analysing information at different stages and discuss how critical reflection can, and should, become part of any participatory process.

The final section includes a brief guide to training in participatory methods in the field and a ~
Tips for Trainers article on the 'H-form' method for monitoring and evaluation.

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