PLA Notes 31: Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation

Journal (whole)
, 91 pages
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Published: February 1998
Participatory Learning and Action
ISBN: 9781843692751
Product code:6131IIED

This edition includes general articles and a special theme section on Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation. The theme section explores some of the opportunities for moving towards a monitoring and evaluation process that has greater local value.

This edition includes the following items:

An article on transect walks, comparing one with local people and one with experts.

An account of what happened during a PRA exercise using chapati (Venn) diagrams at a Community Centre in Norwich, UK.

An article on the challenges of scaling up participatory approaches in the Gambia

A report on an alternative approach for participatory planning used in Bihar, India.

Reflections on a training workshop held in Eastern Nepal for local NGOs in Dhankuta.

An article setting out the diverse approaches and methodological innovations that have occurred under the banner of "participatory monitoring and evaluation".~ ~A paper on monitoring and evaluating in a Nepal-UK community forestry project.

A paper on the process and findings of a participatory self-evaluation in the World Neighbours Liptougou programme.

A paper on institutional issues for monitoring local development in Ecuador
~A paper about how the Palestinian NGO Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees is developing a participatory approach to monitor its rural work.

A description of participatory evaluation undertaken by the Education for Life Foundation in the Philippines.

A report on a participatory m&e in a flood proofing pilot project, CARE-Bangladesh.

A brief guide to the principles of PLA (I)

Tips for Trainers: Participation 'poker'.