PLA Notes 25: Special Issue on Children's Participation

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Published: February 1996
Participatory Learning and Action
ISBN: 9781843692690
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The special section of this issue draws on a workshop on child-focused programming and on the use of participatory techniques for research with children. It includes:

A report on the first ever meeting of participatory development advocates in Latin America. held

A paper outlining the use of a variety of time-related PRA methods with refugee returnee populations in Mozambique.

An article on retrospective community mapping as a tool for community education in Zimbabwea.

An article about gender differences in PRA exercises on well-being ranking in Uganda.

An artiicle about gender-aware PRA training in Indonesia. 
~An account of staff perceptions of the impact of PRA on the work of the Indian NGO MYRADA, and on the communities involved.

A paper on facilitating PRA amidst war, based on work in Sierra Leone.

An introduction to participatory techniques and children.

A paper on the implications of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

An paper on bringing children into planning process, based on work in Norway and the U.S.

A discussion of the practicability of involving children in programme development.

An article considering using participatory action research to identify the needs of street children.

Papers on using PRA methods used with children in Nepal.

A paper describing experimental PRA among labouring rural children.

A description of Save the Children Fund's work involving Vietnamese children in participatory needs assessments and evaluations

An article is about a participatory research project run by Save the Children - UK with young people leaving care.

A paper describing using PRA techniques for research with people between the ages of 13 and 16.

An article on guiding the process of empowerment based on the work of Peace Child International.

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