The benefits and constraints of urbanization for gender equality

Briefings (non-specific)
, 6 pages
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Published: May 2013
Environment and Urbanization Briefs
ISBN: 9781843699422
Product code:10629IIED

Urbanization is often associated with greater independence and opportunity for women. But in many cities, there are also high risks of violence and constraints on employment, mobility and leadership that reflect deep gender-based inequalities. Among the key issues explored in this Brief are: ~• where and when urban women enjoy advantages over their rural counterparts;~• community savings schemes that build women’s leadership and support upgrading of informal settlements;~• how transport planning fails to respond to women’s travel needs;~• how urban contexts can both reduce and increase gender-based violence;~• how income and ideology influence women’s decision-making in rural and urban areas, drawing on research in Nicaragua;~• the changes in women’s participation in labour markets in Dhaka, Bangladesh and the tensions this can generate within households;~• what was learnt from a project working with girls and boys with disabilities in Mumbai, India; and ~• the particular roles of women in seeking to get better services for their low-income/informal neighbourhoods in Bengalaru, India.