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25 March 2014 |

In late February, discussions over the post-2015 development agenda reached a milestone. The co-Chairs of the Open Working Group (OWG), the body tasked with preparing a Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposal for consideration by the UN General Assembly in September 2014, issued a "Focus Areas Document".

25 June 2012 |

Rio+20 failed to deliver any significant globally binding agreements on energy. Will voluntary Sustainable Energy For All initiative commitments fare any better?

27 January 2012 |

<p>Given the recent protests against fuel subsidies, how will Nigeria&rsquo;s planned power reforms, set to start in earnest this year, play out?</p>

27 May 2011 |

The informal sector has so much innovation that often goes unnoticed by academics, government and mainstream businesses alike. My month in Chile working with a grassroots movement of wastepickers reminded me of this — as well as the potential to harness some of the power of this informality in more organised models that benefit the poorest.

19 September 2010 |

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Sarah Wykes and Ben Garside
16 September 2013 |

Universal energy access is a laudable aim, but attempts to achieve it must take on board local contexts and sensitivities, say Sarah Wykes and Ben Garside.