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11 February 2014 |

Abbi Buxton reports on efforts to overcome distrust and conflict between artisanal and large-scale mining operations, through an international project that will bring the two sides together to seek sustainable ways to coexist.

12 December 2012 |

What are the barriers to engaging small-scale producers and low-income consumers, and how can private sector interventions be improved to reach the poorest?

6 September 2012 |

New deals between flower-growers in Kenya and big retailers such as Walmart offer African farmers a chance to expand.

18 June 2012 |

When stakeholders at IIED's Fair Ideas conference in Rio discussed how the mining industry has fared in meeting the Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development initiative (MMSD) agenda set 10 years ago, the challenge of implementation kept cropping up.

13 June 2012 |

A new IIED report into making mining sustainable finds major improvements, as well as areas of concern.

7 June 2012 |

Ten years ago, the mining industry, in collaboration with the IIED, set out to explore how it could maximise its contribution to sustainable development through the Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development (MMSD) project. So, what has happened since then? Where are we now?