Energy consumption

Wang Zhi, assistant production manager of Jiamusi Zhongheng Thermoelectric Ltd, which was built in 1999 to provide 1.75 million GJ annually for Dalkia with an annual coal consumption of 350,000 tons (Photo: Asian Development Bank, Creative Commons, via Flickr)
China is quickly reducing its coal use, leading to lower emissions and less air pollution. Maarten Akkerman explores how this shift could adversely impact Vietnam and other countries
The sun glints on smoke above Beijing. China is on course to see overall coal consumption peak this year (Photo; GadgetDan via Creative Commons)
Coal companies are in complete denial — the developing world doesn't need more pollution or expensive new grids, but renewable energy sources
The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party in the Great Hall of the People, uniformed in identical suits, red ties, and side-parts.
China’s new conservative leadership means any changes to help the country's environment will come through the existing policy framework, and not an overhaul of the system.
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