Research groups

IIED has four research groups, which coordinate our work on each of four interlinked issues. The pages below describe each group's strategic objectives, projects and findings. You can also browse all of our work by theme.

Men building a new and stronger flood barrier

Working in collaboration with partner organisations and individuals in developing countries our climate change group has been leading the field on adaptation to climate change issues.

Low-lying community in Mandaue City

Human settlements group works to reduce poverty and improve health and housing conditions in the urban centres of Latin America, Asia and Africa. It seeks to combine this with promoting good governance and more ecologically sustainable patterns of urban development.

Parasite plant growing on an old mango tree

The aim of the natural resources group is to build partnerships, capacity and wise decision-making for fair and sustainable use of natural resources. Our priority in pursuing this purpose is on local control and management of natural resources and other ecosystems.

Flower grower in Kenya

The sustainable markets group drives our efforts to ensure that markets contribute to positive social, environmental, and economic outcomes.