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"In Our World" relates to IIED's world of environment and development. It connects us with what's going on in both the real world and online worlds
IIED Senior Researcher David Dodman presents his report to the World Urban Forum


Watch a video presentation to the World Urban Forum 7 by IIED's David Dodman to unveil a report that supports decision-makers' efforts to integrate the environment in urban planning and management
IIED's 8th Annual Community Based Adaptation Conference will take place in Nepal, addressing financing local adaptation (Credit ikerender, via Creative Commons:
What are the latest developments in community-based adaptation financing, planning and best practices? IIED's 8th Annual Community Based Adaptation Conference (CBA8) aims to provide the latest thinking from climate scientists, policy makers and practitioners to answer this question, and to share lessons learned.
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The Meeting Place at IIED is a welcoming, flexible and creative venue for holding meetings, debates, brainstorming sessions, seminars, training courses, briefings and presentations.
A woman walks along a bamboo walkway in Iloilo, Philippines.

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A new study of a major urban safety campaign launched by the UN two years ago has found that political leadership is more important than a city’s wealth when it comes to protecting the lives and economic assets of cities and towns from disasters.
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IIED's report summarises what leading thinkers — including government ministers, business leaders, senior scientists and environmentalists, UN agency staff and representatives of community organisations and indigenous peoples — said at IIED’s two-day conference in Rio de Janeiro, on 16-17 June.
Seven Rio+20 briefing papers from IIED

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The International Institute for Environment and Development has published seven briefing papers on topics that will feature in the Rio+20 summit and IIED’s Fair ideas conference, also in Rio, on 16-17 June.
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