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Workers at the Dakete Gold Mine explain health and safety procedures in a powdering station. The IIED dialogue aimed to engage key stakeholders, including mineworkers, in a conversation about the future of ASM mining in Ghana (Photo: Friends of the Nation)
14 September 2016
A group of national government, business and community leaders have embarked on a programme of sector reform that will turn the artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) sector into a responsible, inclusive, rights-based engine for sustainable development in Ghana
23 June 2016
Eighteen indigenous mountain communities call for support to strengthen traditional natural resource management systems
9 June 2016
An international delegation from more than 15 of the world's Least Developed Countries will be in London on 13 June to explore how they can use the opportunities presented by the global agreement on Sustainable Development Goals to lift themselves out of poverty
26 May 2016
A report published on 26 May by the Global Green Growth Institute in partnership with IIED and the Green Economy Coalition calls on development stakeholders to pursue environmentally sustainable, economic growth that is pro-poor and socially inclusive
23 May 2016
Deborah Harris is "excited to combine my commercial experience with my passion for sustainable development” after being appointed as IIED's new chief operating officer
10 May 2016
Research shared at a workshop in Yangon with government officials, private sector and civil society organisations shows that, at most, only 34 per cent of the population has access to grid quality electricity, and 38,000 villages have no electricity at all. The findings are the early results from research carried out by the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, IIED, and the Institute for Essential Services Reform
5 May 2016
Scientists from Bangladesh, India and Myanmar are calling on their countries to develop a shared plan for sustainably managing the hilsa fishery
28 April 2016
The 10th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA10), closed on 28 April in Bangladesh urging NGOs, infrastructure investors and government to work with community federations for mainstreaming local level adaptation and ensuring that finance reaches those most vulnerable to climate change in urban settlements

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