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Two community leaders prepare service contracts for a novel container-based sanitation service before installing toilets in users' homes in Cap Haitien, Haiti (Photo: Felipe Jacome)
7 November 2015
World leaders have agreed on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but arguably Goal six – the water and sanitation goal – will have the hardest job building on the work undertaken by the previous Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). A timely special double edition of the journal Environment and Urbanization on "sanitation and drainage in cities" explores persistent gaps in urban sanitation provision and ways to address them
2 October 2015
World leaders left New York having agreed a framework for the world’s sustainable development, but for mountain communities around the world this action can’t come quickly enough. Climate change is already here, threatening their food security, nutrition and livelihoods
25 September 2015
International Institute for Environment and Development director Andrew Norton is available for interviews on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and will be attending the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly on 25-27 September, where it is expected that new global development goals will be agreed that take us up to 2030
25 September 2015
A new book that challenges those who see drylands agriculture and livestock systems as inherently vulnerable to food insecurity and poverty will be discussed at a launch on Wednesday, 23 September (12.30-2pm) at the European Commission's Infopoint
4 September 2015
Putting control of forest land into democratic local businesses could significantly slow or even halt man-made forest loss, according to new research to be released on Monday, 7 September at the 15th World Forestry Congress, held this year in Durban, South Africa
20 August 2015
'Valuing variability: new perspectives on climate resilient drylands development' provides fresh perspectives on the value of dryland production systems from across Asia and Africa
18 August 2015
The Global Water Initiative (GWI) in West Africa is holding a side event at this year's World Water Week in Stockholm, looking at ways to make large multi-purpose dams more 'socially just and economically viable'
14 July 2015
A new report into the drivers and impacts of wildlife crime in Uganda was launched on Wednesday, 8 July

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