IIED's latest Legal Tools newsletter is out now

The latest issue of the legal tools newsletter focuses on accountability in agribusiness investments and the use of web platforms to improve rights and transparency.

The August 2016 edition of the Legal Tools newsletter

The Legal Tools newsletter is sent quarterly with updates on Legal Tools for Citizen Empowerment, a collaborative initiative to strengthen local rights and voices in natural resources investments. 

In this issue, we highlight a new set of reports on land investments, accountability and the law, based on research in Cameroon, Ghana and Senegal. The project develops tools to improve accountability in investment processes, and a range of further titles on related issues can be read and downloaded from the IIED Publications Library

The Legal Tools team's recent work on how online technology is contributing to communities' legal empowerment is profiled following a webinar at the start of July. The online presentations and discussion centred on using web platforms to promote transparency and strengthen land rights.

Principal researcher Lorenzo Cotula also co-authored a technical guide published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on the legal dimensions of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure (PDF).

IIED coordinates the 'LEGEND analytical papers' as a member of the DFID-supported LEGEND Core Land Support Team. The most recent papers and bulletins can be found to read and download as follows:

Latest blogs

Among the blogs featured in the latest issue of the newsletter are Cotula's examination of commodity cycles, economic treaties and pressures on land rights, and how the role of women in land management decisions can be enhanced, by Thierry Berger.

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