'Focus Cities'- Moreno, Argentina

24 November 2010

To promote in-depth research and allow time to successfully monitor outcomes, the Urban Poverty and Environment team at the International Research Centre for the Development of Canada (IDRC) set up a Focus Cities project.

They strategically selected eight cities where multistakeholder City Teams would work in partnership over four years, research and test innovative solutions to alleviate poverty.

This film shows experiences from one of the Focus Cities, the City of Moreno, Buenos Aires, Argentina by IIED-América Latina.

The film presents the views as well as the results of the implemented actions of the different members of the project, local government, representatives of local community organisations and researchers from IIED and IIED-AL. 

More information about this project in relation to Moreno can be found on the IIED-AL website

More information about the focus cities project can be found on the IDRC website