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25 March 2014
How is it possible to challenge laws that promote investment but adversely affect the rights of local communities? Two legal empowerment practitioners from peasants' rights and indigenous peoples organisations in Indonesia recently shared their experiences during IIED's first Legal Tools webinar.
24 March 2014
Social learning has been identified as an approach that has the potential to improve the quality of stakeholder participation in and uptake of research
24 March 2014
Improving the participation of rural people has been in vogue for years, often with limited success. Here's one scheme that lives up to the hype by involving forest and farm producers on their own terms
21 March 2014
"In Our World" relates to IIED's world of environment and development. It connects us with what's going on in both the real world and online worlds
20 March 2014
Teamwork, competition and game-changers are all needed to transform the commodity chains that drive deforestation.
19 March 2014
A meeting between two pastoralist groups has reduced tensions over grazing land and could lead to a cross-county platform for negotiating access to resources during droughts
19 March 2014
Tanzanian meteorologists and traditional weather forecasters in pastoralist communities are working together to develop a unified system of climate information.
18 March 2014
Assessing how development interventions can help people cope with climate variability will help us prepare better measures for the effects of future climate change, say Simon Anderson and Fawad Khan
18 March 2014
Proponents of community-based adaptation to climate change need to put communities in the driving seat, says Anju Sharma
17 March 2014
Climate change, health and urban resilience are all connected, and this means research and policy in these arenas must join up